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KKE Pre-election Rally in Thessaloniki

A Powerful KKE on the front line of the struggle

On July 1st 2019 Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE addressed a huge pre-election rally in Thessaloniki. In his speech, he stressed among others: “What will have importance for the people the day after the elections is how strong the Communist Party of Greece will be. This is because the KKE, with the needs and rights the people as its banner, will be facing the next government that surely will be hostile towards the people. This is because it is yet another government of the monopolies, the EU and NATO that will continue to destroy the many for the profits of the few.

Because the KKE, against defeatism and compromise, against reduced demands and fatalism, will lead the way, will organize the struggle, the resistance, for the people to take back all that they lost, all that they have been robbed of, to demand everything that they could possibly have.

Because the KKE will bring to the Parliament the demands of the working people, the unemployed, the poor farmers and self-employed, the youth. While the government and the other parties will be telling the people: accept sacrifices, don't demand a lot, give up trying to get take back what you lost, so that all together we can support the upturn in profits and investments so maybe at the end some crumbs might be left over for us.”

Because the KKE will continue to be on the front line of the struggle, to free our country from the dangerous designs of the Americans and NATO that place our people and our youth at risk with their new 'adventures'.

Because the KKE has an elaborated plan for today and for tomorrow. It is the only political force that highlights how our country has the possibilities, an experienced labor force, scientific personnel, huge productive capacities in the industrial and agricultural sectors. All of this that can ensure prosperity for the people, the satisfaction of contemporary needs with a different organization of society and the economy with workers' power. For this reason the plan of the KKE is in the interest of the people because it satisfies its contemporary needs.”



Pre-election Rally of KKE in Thessaloniki