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KKE: Rupture and conflict with capital and its power

On the 17th of January 2016 the Attica Party Organization of the KKE held a major political and cultural event in an indoor stadium located in Piraeus. The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, spoke at the event and stressed amongst other things:

"We honour all the men and women who held the party's banner high in difficult conditions. Those unbowed by the class struggle, the honoured dead heroes of the struggle.

We continue under the same banner, with even greater determination, unshakable faith and optimism!

We salute all those who have taken to the streets in this period in order to struggle for their rights, for a better and decent life.

We are at the side of the workers who in this period are being laid off due to the closures of factories and other businesses.

The false expectations and hopes came to a very early end, a year into SYRIZA's government, as we are entering the 8th year of the economic crisis.

It has been a year when the industrialists via their federation SEB, the ship-owners and big capital have been demanding new tax exemptions, additional state mechanisms to support them.

The crime against the social-security system concerns us all. No one will be untouched by this offensive. This is why the people must rise up now.

The government's plan for the social security system is yet another piece of evidence that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government is finishing the dirty work that the previous governments of ND and PASOK could not.

Because it is dirty work to implement to the letter the demands that capital has been making for years i.e. that the state abolishes the social character of insurance so that this money can be given to the capitalists to make investments.

Because it is dirty work to transform social-security into a private matter for each worker and self-employed and to transform the pension into a "poorhouse" allowance and thus to pave the way for the health-care businesses and insurance companies to make enormous profits.

And if certain people still get annoyed when we talk about SYRIZA's dirty work, they should answer the following question:

What can you call the attempt to placate and trick the movement and the people, when at the same time they are bringing a plan to completely restructure the social-security system in a reactionary direction, other than dirty work?

D.Koutsoumpas stressed that "The people and working class  in the war being unleashed by the government-capital-EU to finish off the social-security system must provide their own answer to the real dilemma:"Acquiescence to the slaughter or a popular uprising?" They must respond by organizing their struggle, by strengthening the social alliance in the direction of rupture and conflict with capital and its power.

Because when we are talking about social security we are essentially talking about healthcare, welfare, medical cover, the protection of maternity, cover for work-related accidents, about rights and gains regarding every aspect of our lives.

Yes, the Communist Party of Greece, insists on talking about rights and gains, about what the people obviously need today to live decently.

Yes we should live a life with dignity and modern rights!

The worker, after many years of toil, should retire at a suitable age and live decently. The unemployed, the pensioners should have medical cover, medical exams, and affordable medicines. The workers should have cover for work-related accidents. The family and maternity should be protected. There should be high quality health and welfare services for all.

And to those who ask us if all these things are possible, if we can really enjoy a life with rights, we answer categorically. Yes we can, because today, despite the negative consequences and difficulties due to the crisis, our country has significant productive potential.

There are enormous scientific and technological developments. Thanks to the people's labour and the wealth they produce, the preconditions exist for a dignified and prosperous life.

And the workers enjoyed such a life with rights in places where their needs and not the needs of capital were the focus. In places where workers'-people's power was in control of the economy, i.e. in countries where socialism was constructed and indeed in the previous century.

The KKE insists, in opposition to the sirens that call for submission, on talking about real rupture and conflict with capital and its power.

It issues a call for the people to join the radical path of struggle that aims to abolish capitalist ownership and power.

The labour-people's movement can struggle and have results on this path, block anti-people measures and make gains.

Our people have not yet attempted to consistently and continuously follow this path to its victorious conclusion.

Our people have not yet tested their strength." He added:" Now more people are beginning to realize why the KKE insists that the people's prosperity presupposes more comprehensive changes at the level of power and the economy, which will disengage the country from the EU and NATO."

Representatives from the embassies of Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela, and Vietnam, cultural figures and artists, representatives from mass organizations attended the event. After the political speech there was a musical-theatrical performance.