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The so-called “new era” will rest on the “charred remains' of the people's rights.

On Tuesday 21st August 2018, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his national address from the island of Ithaca on Greece's exit from the memorandum in essence heralded the continuation of the anti-people policies. The phrases “we exited the memorandum but we are not finished yet” and  “with prudence and responsibility we must not return to a Greece of shortages and bankruptcy” constitute a clear confirmation toward lenders and markets that the days of anti-popular measures are not over.
    Adopting celebratory tones, Tsipras attempted to cultivate a climate of anticipation for the people that something will change for the better.  The island of Ithaca was specifically chosen by the government to cultivate such expectations among the people, connecting it to the mythical epic journey of Odysseus and the end to his adventures marked by his return to his place of birth, Ithaca.  
    In a statement on Alexis Tsipras' address from Ithaca, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE emphasizes that “the Prime Minister is attempting to hide the fact that the so-called “new era” rests on the “charred remains” of the rights of the people and the youth.
Tomorrow will be a continuation of the previous day since hundreds of memorandum laws will be in place, under the strict supervision of the EU, the bloody redundancies, the workplace jungle, tax robbery, the degradation of every aspect of human life. The Greek people know this full well no matter how much the SYRIZA-ANEL government tries to fool them, regardless of to what theatrical extremes Mr. Tsipras will go.
The government did not commit to the abolition of even one measure that was imposed upon the people by the memorandum. On the contrary it commits, in everything that it states, that the reforms will continue, that there will be no return to the past, essentially implying that the people should forget what it lost and compromise with the crumbs and one-shot assistance being handed out.
    This is in any case what capital commands, just as the government partners, the EU and the WMF do, which on the one hand give credit to the government for the dirty mission it accomplished and on the other pre-pay them off for the continuation of the anti-popular policies. The promotion of these policies will be evaluated by the “markets” and the “investors” in order to show trust in the Greek economy.
The “memorandum” reality that the Prime Minister described, the poverty, unemployment, oppression, corruption, obscene profits for capital is the barbarism of the capitalist road of development, it is the core of its own policy, that conscientiously continued the policies of the ND and PASOK governments.
This strategic identification cannot be concealed as much as they all try to, with pseudo dilemmas around “anti-right – anti-SYRIZA fronts”, for “progress-maintenance” that reminds one of a “rewarmed soup” of bankrupt bipartisanship.
No trust, no delusions. A clear way out for the people means the abolition of all memorandum laws, compensation for all losses, satisfaction of contemporary needs.
The people, the working people are not “lotus eaters” and they will not stand for either Scylla or Charybdis. Let Mr. Tsipras choose with which of the two monsters he wants to parallel his government with.  We will choose our own “Ithaca” that offers us the wondrous journey of struggle for the life and the future that we deserve! This “Ithaca” will certainly not  disappoint us.