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KKE: The "Iniochos 2018" multinational military exercise constitutes a "war rehearsal"

In a statement regarding the multinational air force exercise "Iniochos 2018" in Greece, the Press Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece points out the following:

"The multinational exercise "Iniochos 2018", with the participation of a large number of forces from the USA, Britain, Italy, Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Cyprus, is not being conducted neither for the strengthening of the defense or for the protection of the country's sovereign rights, but constitutes a "war rehearsal". Such exercises test in practice the operational plans established by the imperialist powers, aiming at the pillaging of the resources of the region and the control of their transportation's routes, bleeding and uprooting the people, like in Syria. Besides, for that reason the US ambassador G.Pyatt has been invited to attend the exercise.

The statements of the Defense Minister concerning the country's "geopolitical enhancement", with the eulogies of the USA, the EU and NATO, obscure the fact that, through this way, Greece is involved in the plans and competitions of the powerful imperialist centers which "deploy" their military forces, defending the monopoly interests that are interested fin the region.

At the same time, [the Defense Minister] is trying to deliberately deceive the people regarding the huge dangers that [such exercises] pose for the people's security, when the government accepts the transformation of Greece's territory into a wide testing ground for war plans and the installation of foreign military bases".

The KKE statement also adds:

"Finally, the "acknowledgement" of Greek pilots' fight capacity within the framework of "Iniochos 2018" NATO exercise is a huge provocation and insult to all the personnel of the Armed Forces , when the predatory alliance itself "turns a blind eye" to the Turkish violations of Greek airspace where these pilots themselves risk their lives in order to confront them. The same applies to the statements of the US ambassador G.Pyatt, regarding the issue of the arrest of the two Greek soldiers, playing once more the role of Pontius Pilate."