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Large Election Rally of the KKE in Athens


The election campaign before the 1st round of the municipal and regional elections that will be held on the 18th of May has been completed. The 2nd round of the elections will be held next Sunday 25/5, together with the elections for the EU parliament.


It is not permitted for political parties to participate directly in the local and regional elections, so the KKE is participating in the 13 regions and the great majority of the municipality (265) through lists which bear the name ‘People’s Rally”.


The central election rally was held in Athens on Thursday 15/5. Speaking at the large rally, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, noted that an electoral result in favour of the KKE in the municipalities and regions, as well as in the EU parliamentary elections can not be misinterpreted, understood in a different way, it will not dissipate after the elections, it will certainly turn out to be in the people’s interests.


Only in this way can the balance of power tip in the direction of an alternative solution beneficial to the people, against the shackles and chains of the monopolies, the EU, the anti-people governments that this country and our people have experienced.


Together with the KKE we can answer the real and substantial dilemma: subjugation or emancipation of our people from the political line of the EU and the monopolies?


The condemnation of the anti-people political line of the ND-PASOK government must be clearly expressed at the ballot box.


But the illusions and false hopes fostered by SYRIZA must not receive a carte blanche in the elections.