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Letter of congratulation from the KKE on the result of the PCV in the parliamentary elections

To the Communist Party of Venezuela


Dear comrades,

The Communist Party of Greece expresses its solidarity and support and congratulates you on the significant result of 168,743 votes (2.7%) that you achieved in the recent parliamentary elections in Venezuela. The Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), together with the organizations that make up the Popular Revolutionary Alternative, waged a very tough political battle under the difficult conditions of the pandemic and the capitalist crisis, in addition to facing the exclusion by the bourgeois media and the effort of the social-democratic forces to conceal   its candidacy.

In this context, the fact that a communist MP was elected, who will be able to promote the voice of the PVC, the interests and their struggles of the working class and the other popular strata even more widely, also within the National Assembly, is of particular importance.

The parliamentary elections gave rise to new attacks against Venezuela by the United States, its allies and various imperialist staffs. The allegations of the US administration talking about 'farcical' election after what the whole world watched a few weeks ago, are a provocation. Imperialist EU also aligned with the same despicable line of support for the bankrupt coup leader Guaidó and the reactionary forces in Venezuela. It is certain that in the near future the imperialist attacks will escalate under the new US administration.

The KKE once again denounces the attacks by the USA, the EU and their allies in Latin America. It expresses its solidarity with the people of Venezuela, who  should be in charge for the developments in their country.

We would especially like to express our solidarity with the PCV and we will continue the joint initiatives at a bilateral, multilateral and international level in the near future.

Proletarians of all countries unite!


Section of International Relations of the CC of the KKE