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Major demonstration of PAME in Thessalonica

 PAME organized a particularly mass and dynamic march and rally in the centre of Thessalonica on the occasion of the opening of the 81st Thessalonica International Trade Fair (10/9/2016).Many thousands of workers, unemployed, youth and pensioners reached the exhibition centre, where the Prime Minister of the "left" government, A.Tsipras, was being guarded by significant police forces (over 5,000) and special structures so that the demonstrators could not get near. The demonstrators remained there for some time, shouting slogans, and then the march continued in the streets of the city centre.

"No compromise with poverty and a miserable life. Organize, struggle to overturn the situation."This was the message sent by thousands of workers, self-employed, small farmers, women and youth from Thessalonica and the prefectures of Macedonia and Thessaly, who responded to the call of the class-oriented labour movement.

The main speech was delivered by Leonidas Stoltidis, member of the Executive Secretariat of PAME, who stressed amongst other things that "together with our allies the farmers, the self-employed and students, we address a call to organize the struggle in every workplace, sector, village and neighbourhood, university."No compromise with poverty and a miserable life. Organize and struggle to overturn the situation”, is our slogan. It is us or the monopolies. There is no other solution."

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, in his statement at PAME's demonstration at the Thessalonica International Trade Fair stressed amongst other things:

"The promises of Mr Tsipras at the TIF regarding development concern only a few monopoly groups and big capital which will once again see their profits soar, giving a pittance, a plate of food to the most extreme poverty.

For all the others, for the working class, for the popular strata- which will continue to be tormented- the anti-people measure will continue to exist, cuts in wages and pensions will continue, small businesses will continue to close and be subject to foreclosures and seizures, the savage unbearable taxation will continue as well.

The situation cannot continue: the SYRIZA-ANEL government continues to satisfy big capital, the EU, the partners and continues to bleed our people. It continues the same political line of the previous governments of New Democracy and PASOK.

Now the only solution is a strong KKE, a strong labour-people's movement so that real hope can be restored amongst the people."