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Militant presence of the CP of Greece and the CP of Turkey at the rally against the G7 Summit in Munich

On Saturday 25/6/22, a rally against the G7 Summit, which took place in Southern Bavaria, was held in Munich, with the militant and mass presence of the CP of Greece (KKE) and the CP of Turkey (TKP) that marched under the same banner.

Despite the effort made by the organizers of the rally to put across a management message for the need to turn the G7 into a supposedly pro-people direction that will show more sensitivity towards the problems of the peoples and our planet, a great mass of demonstrators shouted slogans against capitalism and imperialism.

The KKE and TKP provided a combative atmosphere with their slogans, banner, and flags. “No to the bloody redivision of the world by capitalists – Hope lies in the struggle of the peoples!” the banner read in German. The Turkish and Greek communists massively handed out the Joint Statement of the two Parties, revealing the real culprit for the condition of the workers around the world and highlighted the perspective of class organization and struggle for a society different from the one planned by the G7 Summits, BRICS, and all the imperialist staffs; a society that will focus on the real needs of the people, that is, socialism–communism.

The demonstrators renewed their commitment to the future struggles against the bourgeois classes and the anti-popular plans in Germany, Greece, and Turkey.