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No to the transformation of Greece into a base for the massacre in Gaza - Solidarity with the people of Palestine

On Wednesday 25/10 a large number of people, trade unions, associations of the self-employed, student unions and other mass organizations of Attica, demonstrated in the city of Elefsina, condemning the Greek involvement in the massacre in Gaza and the murderous plans of the USA - NATO - EU.

They denounced the transformation of Elefsina into a military base, and in particular the provision of the 112 Combat Wing (Air Force airport) for the US to restation dozens of their military aircraft, transport aircraft, tanker aircraft, etc.

They also expressed their solidarity with the people of Palestine who are fighting for their freedom, their homeland and their state, without Israeli occupation and occupying troops.

Just before the demonstration began, in a symbolic gesture, members of unions and mass organizations arrived outside the 112 Combat Wing, unfurled banners and shouted slogans of solidarity with the Palestinian people and against our country’s involvement in the massacre in Gaza.

Thodoris Chionis, a member of the PB of the CC of the KKE, stated to the media, among others, that “Any facilitation, such as the strategic agreement on the bases, which turns our country into a military base and a target of retaliation, is in complete contradiction with the interests of the Greek people. As is any support for the terrorist state of Israel, which has been murdering the Palestinian people for seven decades.

The slogan “Free Palestine” resonates across the world. The Palestinian people have the right to live in their own free and independent homeland, on the 1967 borders, free of occupation and occupying troops, being masters in their own land and creating the conditions for their liberation from all exploitation and oppression. The massacre in Gaza must immediately stop!”