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The agreement between the governments of Greece and FYROM was achieved by the overt intervention of the USA, of NATO and the EU, bears their seal and has been signed on the premises of the deadlines and agendas that these organizations have determined, in order for the euroatlantic integration to advance in the Western Balkans.

This objective derives clearly from the text of the agreement. It is not by chance that the first to greet this agreement were the State Department, NATO and the EU.

That is why the whole process focused on the issue of the name of the neighboring country, while a series of critical issues, such as countering irredentism, making necessary changes in the Constitution of the neighboring country, not only are postponed toan uncertain future, but also the situation becomes more complicated with the acceptance by the Greek government of positions regarding “Macedonian citizens” and “Macedonian language”, positions that constitute the essence of irredentism.

Consequently, it is an agreement that cannot guarantee a solution in favor of the Greek people, of the people of the neighboring country nor of the peoples of the region.

The government’s claims that – supposedly – this agreement will safeguard peace, cooperation and stability in the Balkans and in the broader region, are completely false, misleading and ignorant of history.

They overlook and consciously silence that NATO and the EU are factors of insecurity and of border changes, of fomenting nationalism and irredentism. The peoples of the Balkans, in particular, have their own negative experiences from the imperialists’ politics all these years.

It is silenced that the course of Greece, of Turkey, of Albania, of Montenegro, of Bulgaria and Romania in NATO and the expansion of the EU plans coexist with border disputes, infringements on the sovereignty of the states, stirring up even non-existent minority issues, at the expense of the peoples of the region. The relations between Greece and Turkey serve as the most typical example.

Moreover, it is silenced that the broader region is in the eye of the tornado of competitions, and that is why interventions, transport of strong military forces, installation of new military bases etc are multiplying. The adhesion of the countries of the Western Balkans in the NATO and the EU form part of these plans, in the context of the competitions with other powerful states, such as Russia.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government has transformed in the best flag-bearer of NATO’s and EU’s plans in the region, in favor of sections of the Greek capital that claim bigger shares of profit through the re-sharing of the region, from the looting and the exploitation of the peoples. Its the other side of the anti-people politics applied in the interior of the country, that crushes the people’s income and rights.

SYRIZA, dressed with the mantle of cosmopolitanism, absolves the role of imperialism, cultivating the illusion that the enlargement of the imperialist organizations establishes the peace and friendship of the peoples. Apart from its superficial objection, SYRIZA is joined and is aided by nationalist forces that even though they react negatively to this agreement, do not dispute the consolidation of NATO and of the EU in our region.

The Communist Party of Greece (ΚΚΕ) calls upon our people and the people of the region to strengthen their solidarity and common struggle against the imperialist plans, against nationalism, against NATO and the EU; now is not the time for complacency, like the one the government is trying to cultivate.



ATHENS 14/6/2018                                      PRESS OFFICE OF THE CC OF THE KKE