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Workers, employees, toiling farmers, self-employed tradesmen, scientists, artists, pensioners, women, young people of working-class families

The KKE calls on you to join it in the struggle for the European elections on 9 June!

To militantly join forces with it at the ballot boxes and in the streets of struggle!

With a much stronger KKE for a pan-European counter-attack. We break the shackles of the EU! For a Greece and a Europe of Socialism, of the workers, the farmers, the peoples!

We are sending out the right message to the EU of barbarity:

The stronger the KKE, the stronger the counter-attack for the just cause of the peoples!

To make a mass denunciation of the anti-popular policy of the EU, the New Democracy government, SYRIZA, PASOK and the other parties which serve big capital and crush workers’ and people’s rights!

The justified wave of popular discontent is growing. It is expressed in the great workers’–people’s mobilizations and can provide impetus for new militant struggles. It can find reflection in the political proposal of the KKE and not to be channeled into right and left choices within the system: either into the logic of defending “budgetary resilience”, or into new social-democratic illusions, of humanizing the system or into irrational, extreme right-wing versions of the dominant politics and ideology.

The KKE will put the strength it gained in the recent elections to good use, fulfilling its commitments to struggle for the defense of the people’s interests and to be a genuine popular opposition to the New Democracy government, the plans of capital and the EU policy!

The KKE can look the people in the eye. It is not bound by big interests. That is why it is at the forefront of the struggles for the rights of the working class, the farmers, the self-employed, the university students, the youth, men and women.

Since the previous European elections in 2019, large workers’–people’s mobilizations have broken out in Greece and in many European countries, in confrontation with the anti-popular policies of the EU and the bourgeois governments, liberal and social-democratic.

▶ The workers took to the streets of struggle and asserted their rights.

▶ The farmers set up militant roadblocks with their tractors in large cities, opposing the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy and demanding a reduction in production costs which come from energy sources, industrial products and trade intermediaries who sell agricultural supplies.

▶ In Greece, hundreds of thousands of people protested and condemned the railway accident in Tempe that was bound to happen. This crime bears the mark of the policy followed by the EU, the New Democracy government and all the previous bourgeois governments that had commercialized rail transport.

▶ University and school students fought for their right to education and work.

▶ Millions of people and youth expressed their solidarity with the suffering Palestinian people. They condemned the Israeli state as well as the USA, NATO and the EU that support it.

The struggle continues!

The peoples have not said their last word yet!

The current disputing the dominant policy must become stronger!

The path for the overthrow of the system must be opened, so that people take matters into their own hands.

The KKE can look the people in the eye because from the very first moment it has revealed the truth about the EU! Because it organizes the struggle against its strategy!


The EU has turned out to be a prison for the peoples.

The EU is “a big family” of big monopolies, bourgeois governments and parties that attacks peoples’ rights.

This has been proven by its entire course in the past 3 decades!

From the Maastricht Treaty (1992), which only the KKE voted against in the Greek Parliament, the EMU-Eurozone and the Lisbon Treaty to the entire anti-popular arsenal, the EU has opened the doors of hell against the peoples.

The EU single market and competition were supposed to bring economic growth for all, prosperity, good wages for workers, and low prices for basic consumer goods; however, this turned out to be a myth.

It has been shown that so-called green growth means very expensive energy for the people, devaluation of energy resources, deepening of energy poverty and destruction of the environment for the benefit of the profits of the ‘green’ giants.

The EU is an alliance of monopolies, a transnational imperialist union, an enemy of the peoples and cannot be changed for the better. It is only getting worse!

The people are paying dearly for the capitalist growth, the profits of the few and the EU strategy. They are faced with:

▶ Prices that are unaffordably high, which feed the huge profits of industrialists, ship owners, other transport giants, big traders and supermarket owners by imposing high indirect taxes on food and other basic consumer goods as well as excise duty on energy and fuel. Energy liberalization and energy exchange, the ‘green’ economy taxes, and competition for the energy mix, resources and transport routes have led to soaring prices and energy poverty. The Recovery Fund packages pocketed by the business groups have fuelled inflation, while the New Democracy government is deceiving the people with inadequate benefits.

▶ The cuts in permanent jobs and the expansion of flexible forms of employment, individual contracts, the arrangement and increase of working hours, intensification, work over 13 hours leading to accidents at work, the abolition of the Sunday holiday, teleworking, working relations of platform workers without labour rights. The undermining or even the abolition of Collective Labour Agreements, the reduction of real wages, the heavy taxation on workers, the self-employed and popular families as a whole and primary surpluses. The further deterioration of maternity protection measures in the name of ‘gender equality’, which serves to intensify exploitation, particularly of female employees, workers and scientists.

▶ Repression, drastic restrictions on people’s freedoms, demonstrations and strikes. A giant mechanism of profiling and surveillance, as was done in Greece by the New Democracy government, based on the murky EU institutional framework voted jointly by New Democracy, PASOK and SYRIZA (those who remained in SYRIZA and those who joined the New Left party) and the digital market that also trades personal data. The only values cherished by the EU are those imposed by the dictatorship of the monopolies. The EU, which PASOK, SYRIZA and others promote as the protector of people’s freedoms, invites governments to allow the export and trade of spy software.

▶ The destruction and privatization of social security, the dramatic reduction of pensions and the increase of the retirement age to 67 or even to 70 years, pushing pensioners to continue working after retirement, with funds plundered by capital whose reserves are invested on the stock exchange, with the only losers being pensioners and current workers.

▶ Underfunding, commercialization and understaffing of health-welfare, hospitals and health centres, facilities for disabled people, special education and rehabilitation, which led to tragedies in all EU Member States during the Covid-19 pandemic and besets the people on a daily basis, at a time when the capitalists in the private health care sector are multiplying their profits, when the business operation of public hospitals is strengthened, when the bribes to doctors to perform evening surgeries in return for payment, are being legalized.

▶ The commercialization of education, the class barriers, the degradation of education initiated by the successive reactionary laws of the governments of PASOK, SYRIZA and now of ND, such as the establishment of private universities, etc. The transformation of degrees into yet another qualification in the labour market jungle, which the EU itself promotes and goes hand in hand with the transformation of school into a place for the provision of sterile skills and scattered knowledge. The so-called European standards of the EU’s single market for degrees lead to degrees that are priced but not valued. The students/customers will graduate from the school of the market, which leads to training and unproductive skills while the owners of private universities will count their profits.

▶ The total lack of measures and planning to protect the life and property of the people. The EU counts these measures as ‘costs’ because it counts as ‘benefits’ the satisfaction of the interests of big capital. This is demonstrated by the tragic results of the floods in Thessaly, Evia, Evros and other regions, the destruction caused by the wildfires and earthquakes in many parts of the country. The EU’s policy of transport liberalization and the process of weighing cost versus benefit led to the crime of Tempe that was bound to happen and the loss of 57 people, which shook the country. The implementation of EU, bourgeois governments and parties’ directives means cuts and abandonment of critical civil protection infrastructure, recycling of scarce personnel and resources from country to country through the RescEU mechanism.

▶ The implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which intensifies the looting of toiling farmers. The ‘green’ CAP, which would supposedly bring affordable and quality agricultural products and income to farmers, eventually imposes onerous green burdens on farming families. It provides further ‘facilities’ to buy the farmers’ produce at low prices and skyrocketing those prices on the shelf. It promotes massive imports of agricultural products. It increases the cost of production, causing great indignation among the farmers, who have taken to the streets with their tractors in Greece, but also in the capitals of Spain and Germany, and in many other European countries.

▶ The imposition of new burdens on the self-employed, tradesmen and scientists, who in many sectors are pushed either to bankruptcy or to maintain their profession while being heavily in debt, in order to concentrate activity in the large business groups and their ‘satellites’. This is where the recent law that skyrockets taxation and is a prerequisite for the disbursement of EU Recovery Fund tranches is leading. These resources are largely directed to the monopolies.

EU policy:

▶ Is jointly formed by the governments of New Democracy, PASOK and SYRIZA

▶ Is voted by all bourgeois parties, social democratic, liberal and far-right, in the European Parliament and the Greek Parliament.


The dilemma that arises is the same everywhere: Their profits or our lives!

The EU exists and operates for the profits of the capitalists.

16 million people are registered as unemployed in the EU.

95 million live on the poverty line, out of which:

● 25% are children under 18 years old.

● 16% are over 65 years old.

In at least 14 EU Member States, 50% of workers are employed without a collective agreement.

In 10 EU Member States, trade unions are banned.

More than 15 Member States have measures in place that abolish or violate the right to strike.

In the 21st century, in 2024, in the age of artificial intelligence and other great scientific advances instead of reducing working day; instead of getting rid of monotonous and tedious jobs and increasing leisure time; instead of lowering the retirement age; instead of all those achievements being used to reinforce public and free health care, the exact opposite is happening. That is because the wealth produced by workers and all these achievements are now in the hands of the capitalists, who use them solely to increase their profitability.



The European Union, together with the USA and NATO, has a leading role in imperialist wars and interventions. It supports Israel, the occupying state which has fomented genocide against the Palestinian people. It heavily funds and arms it to shed the blood of the Palestinian people. It supports the imperialist war of Saudi Arabia against Yemen and in the name of fighting the Houthis, under the pretext of protecting navigation, it has set up the imperialist operation Aspides (Shield) alongside the US-British Prosperity Guardian operation. Together they are setting fire to the Red Sea region, multiplying the risk of a general conflagration.

The EU is playing a leading role in the imperialist war in Ukraine. It is not being dragged into the war by the USA; on the contrary, it is cooperating closely with the Ukrainian bourgeoisie, the USA and NATO in the conflict against capitalist Russia and its allies. The peoples suffer tragic consequences and, for the first time in 70 years, the possibility of a large-scale imperialist war breaking out on the territory of Europe and the use of nuclear weapons is being raised. The two belligerent sides in this anti-popular conflict, which express the interests of the monopolies fighting over raw materials, transport routes, geopolitical footings and market shares, do not hesitate to use mercenary, nationalist and fascist organizations for their objectives. Thus, the EU is supporting fascist Azov-type gangs and has allocated €78 billion to Zelensky, which come from the peoples’ toil and taxes, for arms, ammunition and bases, while it is already taking part in the great feast of the ‘reconstruction’ of destroyed Ukraine. The EU, like other imperialist states, is constantly seeking further economic, political and military penetration in other regions at the expense of the peoples.

At a time when the rivalry between the USA and China for supremacy in the international capitalist system is intensifying, the EU, which is generally aligning itself with NATO and the USA, simultaneously maintains its so-called strategic autonomy vis-à-vis the USA at the military level. It is also seeking to strengthen its own military forces, in accordance with the so-called Strategic Compass, by gathering a ‘Euro-army’ of up to 5,000 soldiers, which will be deployed on missions anywhere in the world. In this way, the EU seeks to benefit its own military and industrial groups and their profitability by creating profitable energy and trade corridors against its competitors.

The Greek bourgeoisie claims a share of this loot. That is why the New Democracy government, with the consent of SYRIZA, PASOK, Greek Solution, New Left and the fascist Spartans, is involving the country even more deeply in the imperialist wars and missions by giving land and water to the USA, NATO and the EU. It is sending frigates, such as Hydra, which was deployed to the war in the Red Sea, putting the lives of officers, non-commissioned officers and sailors at enormous risk. It is providing weapons and ammunition to inflict death on the peoples of Gaza, Yemen and Ukraine. It cedes Greek territory to US military bases, turning the country into a Euro-Atlantic base and a target for reprisals, getting our people involved into great adventures.

The EU treats Turkey as a ‘strategic partner’, seeking a firmer attachment to the Euro-Atlantic camp in its confrontation with Russia and China. The EU, together with the USA and NATO, encourages Turkish claims against the sovereignty and the sovereign rights of the country. Together with the Greek bourgeoisie, it is paving the way for the mutual exploitation of the Aegean and the South-East Mediterranean and a dichotomous ‘solution’ of the Cyprus problem marked by the EU and NATO, to the detriment of the interests of the Cypriot people.


The EU is a paradise for lobbies

The EU has long been a centre of lobbying, financial corruption and buying off former and current MEPs, Commissioners, etc. The cynical admission in a resolution of the European Parliament —which, out of a total of 705, was voted against only by the two MEPs of the KKE— that the ability of lobbyists ‘to influence decision-making in parliament by way of arguments is a vital part of European democracy’ is typical of the nature of the European Union!

The European Parliament, as well as all the EU institutions, are the breeding ground for illegal links with business groups, bribery and corruption, because their very mission is to promote laws, regulations and directives for capitalist profitability, at the expense of the people.



The KKE was the only party that with a sense of responsibility warned the people in time about the unchanging anti-popular and reactionary character of the EU. It has been at the forefront of the struggles to repel the storm of anti-labour and anti-popular measures that the EU institutions, together with the bourgeois governments, have been preparing and promoting over time.

In the European elections, on 9 June, the decisive strengthening of the KKE will be the hope and mainstay of the workers’–people’s forces.

The vote for the KKE does not only pertain to the people’s interests and the struggle in Greece, but also to the coordination and joint action of the movements at the European level, especially today, in a period when a larger part of the workers, farmers, the youth, and the peoples of the EU are becoming aware of the role that the EU and their governments play as regards the deterioration of living standards, war, repression, and authoritarianism. The European contribution of the KKE will be unique and invaluable for a Europe of the popular movements, of the resistance and counter-attack of the peoples, the Europe of socialism.

The KKE is the only party that fights for the disengagement of the country from the EU, with the workers and the people in power, with social ownership in the means of production.

The KKE and its MEPs defended workers’ and people’s rights. The KKE has proved in practice that it is the voice of the people, because it is not bound by the business groups and interests of capital. It stands out above the applauders, apologists and ‘correctors’ of the EU.

The parties and MEPs of ND, SYRIZA (including those who now support SYRIZA 2, i.e. the “New Left”) PASOK and the Greek Solution voted in favour of the EU’s anti-popular arsenal. They will continue to do so!


The MEPs of the KKE confront the propaganda of the representatives and apologists of EU capital and their alliance, the EU, in a militant and documented manner. They reveal, inform, warn in time and prepare the working people for every attack they organize against them; they shield them from being taken aback and enable them to resist, to raise their demands and organize their counter-attack for the overthrow of the barbaric exploitative system, for the disengagement from the predatory alliance of the EU and NATO.


The strategic alignment between ND, PASOK and SYRIZA in the European Parliament

All bourgeois parties in the European Parliament voted for the EU’s anti-popular resolutions. In the Greek parliament, SYRIZA voted 50% and PASOK 70% of the anti-popular bills of the ND government, while in the European Parliament the level of their alignment is even higher.

SYRIZA (together with SYRIZA 2, i.e. the “New Left”) and PASOK voted the same with ND at 81.9% and 94.7% of the votes respectively!

These three bourgeois parties have identified themselves in more than 80% of the anti-popular EU laws, resolutions and guidelines.

While their strategic convergence is absolute, they are desperately trying to invent differences among them in order to trap workers’–people’s forces who suffer the consequences of everything they have jointly voted for.

They cannot hide behind pretexts. ND, PASOK and SYRIZA exchange accusations of stealing each other’s proposals because they all converge on the main issues. That is why they vote for those articles that refer to European directives, which certainly make up the core of the big groups’ decisions. None of them, with the exception of the KKE, oppose the primacy of EU law over the law of an EU member state, which has paved the way and accelerated the introduction of harsh anti-labour measures and private universities.


A new round of anti-labour and anti-popular attack on the grounds of ‘green’ transition and digital transformation

While the clouds of a new capitalist crisis are gathering due to the recession in the German and Eurozone economy, the EU is injecting a total of 1.8 trillion euros into the monopolies through the Recovery Fund and other EU mechanisms to maintain their profitability. All of them are the fruit of the labour of our people and other peoples.

The people are called upon to live on the minimum salary or pension and to pay the bill of the Supermemorandum—the Recovery Fund— in multiple ways until 2058!

The Recovery Fund is not a piggy bank for the peoples:

- It is a fund that freezes peoples’ money to channel it to business groups in the field of green transition and digital transformation in a targeted way.

- Every euro disbursed is accompanied by anti-popular laws and measures. 331 planned anti-popular measures go hand in hand with the Recovery Fund!

The fact that all the other parties support the EU’s Recovery Fund proves that all parties, except the KKE, which struggles for the workers’ and people’s interests, are aligned on the crucial issues.

The Recovery Fund is a piggy bank for the big interests at a time when the public debt, the Stability Pact and budgetary discipline, and the permanent Memorandum of the ‘European Semester’ are put on the people’s shoulders.


Green transition turned out to be pitch black for the peoples

The EU’s “Green Transition” and its declarations on the protection of the environment have turned out to be EU guidelines for the encroachment and destruction of areas of outstanding natural beauty and ecosystems by energy business groups as well as for the installation of RES aimed at their profitability, while those who oppose them are faced with savage repression. Taxes, which were supposed to be reduced, have soared with the addition of ‘green’ taxes, with new digital means that facilitate heavy taxation on the self-employed, while the big groups enjoy tax exemption and subsidies.

The huge increase in interest rates by the ECB has further tightened the noose on indebted popular households at a time when rent prices have soared. The EU and governments, with their policies, have turned the dream of young couples to have their own home into a pipe dream. The EU framework, which has been incorporated into law by the ND government, shields banks and funds and leads to a new round of mass foreclosure auctions of people’s houses with intensified repression against the people who defend them.


Watery graves for the uprooted of the imperialist interventions, concentration and exploitation camps for refugees

The 27,000 dead refugees from the fatal shipwrecks in the Aegean and the Mediterranean (over the last decade) are the tragic consequence of the policy of brutal repression at the borders, whose integral part are Frontex, deportations, refoulements, “fences”, and confinement in superstructures - prisons. The new unacceptable “EU Pact on Immigration and Asylum” reinforces the repression of the uprooted and violates the Geneva Convention on Refugees. It promotes a despicable bargaining between Member States, which will pay 2,000 per each refugee in order to deport them to countries outside the EU, while at the same time, by means of agreements and Euro-mechanisms, they will send the big employers cheap labour without rights, only with a residence permit for as long as they need.


Organized deception operation of Greek immigrants and expatriates through the postal vote

The fact that the ND government, SYRIZA and PASOK provocatively treat expatriates as numbers proves that they are desperately canvassing for voters who suffer no consequences whatsoever from their cruel and brutal policies that have led hundreds of thousands of people to an impasse and forced them to emigrate over the past years.

Greek emigrants know first-hand the hypocrisy of the bourgeois parties. Their governments, which have abandoned Greek-language schools, have downsized consulate staff, have turned even the issuing of a certificate into a long and expensive odyssey, are the ones that treat Greek emigrants as numbers!

Greek emigrants and expatriates around the world should cast a punishment vote against the parties that drove them out of their country.


The EU targets children’s rights through empty slogans on their protection

A European regulation, currently being promoted, introduces in all Member States the recognition of “parent 1”, “parent 2”, “parent 3” etc., even including “someone claiming to be a parent”. All of them will be able to obtain a European certificate of parental relationship regardless of the provisions of the law on civil marriage for same-sex couples passed by the ND government, with the support of SYRIZA, PASOK, SYRIZA 2 (i.e. New Left) and Course of Freedom. This will lead to the generalization of the commercialization of procreation and childbearing, the expansion of commercial surrogacy —this extreme form of exploitation of women, their bodies and the reproductive process through sperm and egg banks— and the undermining of the need and the right of the child to both fatherhood and motherhood relations.

The EU of child poverty, of inadequate state infant and child care and pre-school education, of privatized health systems, of wars and of the drowned in the depths of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, are not truly concerned about the protection of children!


The European Parliament is the “heavy industry” of anti-popular resolutions

The European Parliament is dominated by a large anti-popular coalition of the bourgeois forces: the European People's Party, the Social Democrats, the Liberals, the Greens and the social-democratic group of the “Left”. Together with the governments, they shape its decisions, guidelines and resolutions, i.e. the painful reality experienced by workers in all EU countries.

The more the conviction that the EU's course will continue unimpeded, without inter-imperialist or class conflicts, is weakened, the more its ideological intervention to manipulate the popular strata is strengthened.

The priority of its ideological intervention is to ensure social cohesion, i.e. the reconciliation of the working class with capital and its alignment behind its objectives and interests. In this way, the concept of entrepreneurship is deified in order to teach workers to understand the needs of employers and the capitalist economy. ‘Individual rights-ism’ is exploited, the notion of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ is put forward as proof of the ‘progressiveness’ of the EU, in order to conceal the real class differences in society. They are creating a false image of a EU of democracy, pluralism and human rights, while workers’ and people’s rights are being undermined and repressive and authoritarian measures are being strengthened. At the same time, more and more measures are being taken to ban any progressive, radical voice, such as the EU-inspired media law of the ND government, which concretizes and enriches the implementation of the reactionary EU directives with regard to Art. And while the EU is concerned with combating misinformation in the media and on the Internet, pluralism and democracy vanish when it comes to the atrocities of imperialism against the peoples, such as Israel’s atrocious crimes against the Palestinian people.

In the run-up to the elections, all the bourgeois powers are trying to deceive the people by calling for the need to “prevent the rise of the far right”, while they are its major sponsor:

▶ They whitewash the EU’s brutal policy of repression against refugees

▶ They cover up its xenophobic positions

▶ They vote for imperialist interventions and condemn any people who oppose them

▶ They adopt anti-communism and the unhistorical theory of the “two extremes”

▶ They launch persecutions against the communist ideology and the CPs in many countries, acquitting fascist activity and ideology!

The EU and its member states systematically promote the “far right danger”, while they support the system that gives rise to the far-right, to fascism. Their aim is to create false dividing lines and so-called progressive fronts. They seek to pigeonhole those who dispute the basic directions of EU policy (the war in Ukraine, energy, CAP, ‘individual rights-ism’ policy, etc.) as ‘far right’. The ‘rise of the far-right’ is presented as a convenient opponent for passing off EU policy as progressive to broader sections of the population. Neither the bourgeois and opportunist parties of liberal or social democratic orientation nor the EU can fight against the far-right because it is their own child. Moreover, anti-communism and the revision of history, which is an official EU policy, objectively feed the far right and reactionary forces. Only the workers’–people’s movements and the radical class-oriented movements can eliminate the root cause of the far right and fascism.

The call of the bourgeois parties of social democracy in all its versions (the group of “Socialists and Democrats” and the “Left”), and even more so of SYRIZA in all its versions (those who remained in and those who left it), to support them in the European elections, in order to allegedly promote ‘progressive developments’ in the European Union is a conscious fraud against the people.

The attempt to reorganize social democracy will have the same results as every previous similar effort: it will fall short of people’s expectations, it will be used to lower the demands of the people once again, it will support and provide alibi for the system of barbarity.

The so-called progressive governments advertised by SYRIZA and PASOK (e.g. in Portugal, Spain) implemented the same harsh anti-popular policies as the current ND, PASOK and SYRIZA governments before. They are seeking, each on their own account, to usurp the people’s vote and tell the same old story about “progressive forces”, in order to attack the people once again, by taking over the baton from ND on the basis of the EU guidelines they jointly support.



The European Union of capital, exploitation, high prices, poverty, and imperialist wars is not a one-way street.

There is ANOTHER WAY: that of the vast majority of the oppressed, where the ones who produce the wealth will hold the reins of power and the economy, will disengage from the EU and any union of capital, and will build a Europe of solidarity, friendship, peaceful coexistence of the peoples, prosperity and socialism.

The rich experience of our people and of all peoples confirms that they have nothing to expect from the EU and any bourgeois government, from the bourgeois political forces, either in government or in opposition. The increasingly massive strikes, the mass mobilizations in major European capitals as in France and Germany, despite the negative correlation of forces and the dominance of the employer-led trade unionism, show the way and are proof that:


The people have inexhaustible power and have not said their last word

The European Union is only getting worse for the interests of the people. The KKE’s position that only the people can save the people by deciding to free themselves from the shackles of the power of capital and its unions is confirmed. To get rid of all those who burden them, taking the keys to power and the economy into its own hands.


It will strengthen the promising current that disputes the dominant bourgeois policy —which has been discernible in the previous electoral battles— which can meet with the revolutionary political proposal of the KKE.

It will give strength to all workers’–people’s struggle and demands, in which the KKE is leading with all its might and will weaken the illusions that a bourgeois government in the context of capitalist barbarity can be a way out for the people.

It will strengthen the only organized, credible, militant force, which every day contributes to strengthening the regroupment and counter-attack of the workers’ and people’s movement, which can put obstacles in the way of anti-popular measures and make gains.

It will defeat all the bourgeois parties that for decades now have been fostering the utopian illusion that the EU can become a “means for modernization”, as the New Democracy says, for “progressive transformations”, as SYRIZA and PASOK claim, or a “union of sovereign states” as the once ‘Eurosceptic’ far-right and fascist parties and formations have recently discovered after their participation in many bourgeois governments of the imperialist predatory alliance member states (Italy, Sweden, Austria, etc.), which are also crushing workers’ and people’s rights.

It will help the opposition and the demand for an end to the unjust imperialist wars to grow stronger. To make the voice against the genocide of the Palestinian people, the demand for a Palestine of freedom and a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, the release of all Palestinian prisoners and the return home of refugees, to be heard loud and clear.

The struggle of the peoples will be strengthened to hinder the dangerous Euro-Atlantic imperialist plans in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and the Red Sea, the dangerous settlements in the Aegean to maintain NATO cohesion, which give wind in the sails of the aggression of the Turkish bourgeoisie against the sovereignty and the sovereign rights of the country.


The strengthening of the KKE will signal a militant message of optimism in Greece and in Europe, in order to strengthen the struggle for the regroupment of the workers’ and people’s movement.

It will be proof that Greek emigrants and expatriates will not rise to the bait and will reject the electoral appeals of the parties of capital. They will strengthen their own power, the KKE, which is and will be on their side abroad, in the trade unions, in the Greek communities, everywhere.

Only a vote for the KKE means: