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On the cooperation between Greece – Cyprus - Israel - USA

The trilateral meeting in Jerusalem between Greece - Cyprus - Israel, with the participation of the American Secretary of State is being presented a “milestone” in developments.

The SYRIZA government is 'leading the dance', which up until a few days ago hoped that the trilateral meeting would be hosted in Crete and that the participation of Pompeo would be recorded as yet another recognition of its "offer" to  American-NATO designs in the eastern Mediterranean and wider.

In any case,  whether in Crete or Jerusalem, the trilateral is being exploited by the government and bourgeois staff to advertise the US-NATO contribution to the ... "stability" of the region and to whitewash Greek involvement in the dangerous plans and imperialist rivalries.

What is their main argument? That the direct involvement of the US in the trilateral strengthens security and is a response to Turkey's aggression. Therefore, the sovereign rights of Greece and Cyprus are protected and at the same time, the role of Greece is upgraded. It is a false and dangerous reversal of reality.

The "regional cooperation" frameworks in which Greece participates, were formed with the encouragement of the US under a NATO umbrella. The tripartite Greece - Cyprus – Israel is such a framework of military and economic cooperation, for which the US never hid the fact, is in alignment with their strategic interests in the region.

We must not forget, moreover, that the basis of a "convergence strategy" for Greece - Israel after 2010 is their military cooperation, within which they carry out joint exercises,  together with the US, for the military control of the Southeastern Mediterranean, and even for possible attacks against Iran.

The intensity of competition with other imperialist centers for controlling the area, especially given the new facts; the discovery of large hydrocarbon deposits and the involvement of US "ExxonMobil", create conditions for even more active engagement of the United States.

Their aim is to safeguard their geopolitical interests and to strengthen their designs on exploiting the energy wealth of the Eastern Mediterranean, mainly against Russia. For the same reason, France's participation in the same tripartite is also being planned. The USA and France are even discussing the establishment of military bases in Cyprus.

So, what are the immediate repercussions of a more active US involvement? One step further in the militarization of the region and the intensity of NATO's aggression, which, of course, will provoke a direct response from its rivals.. Russia is already warning that it will not tolerate the NATOization of Cyprus, let alone the establishment of an American base on the island.

An equally sketchy argument is that by acting in this manner, the US is sending a message to Turkey and is protecting the sovereign rights of both Greece and Cyprus. The United States, however, has openly invited Turkey to take part in the distribution of the loot of the Eastern Mediterranean as part of the bargaining so it does not disengage from the western camp. This NATO plan is also supported by Greece.

The bargaining, however, "touches on" both the sovereign rights of Greece and of Cyprus. It is not at all by chance that in the wake of this trilateral meeting,  scenarios for the division of Cyprus will be revived, while an “honorable compromise” regarding Greek-Turkish conflict will return to the table, with the joint exploitation of the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean.

It is therefore clear that these schemes and their upgrading are being exploited either to exert pressure on Turkey to align itself with the American-NATO designs or as a "ground of cultivation" for the exploitation of energy wealth.

The result remains the same for the people: There is no guarantee for the sovereign rights of Greece, nor for Cyprus, but only smoke trails for their maceration in the 'blender' of joint exploitation that supports and promotes the US and NATO.

The lies and mockery of the SYRIZA government only aim to extract gains for its own dangerous policy and its imperialist allies on behalf of the bourgeoisie. To exact a toll on the Greek people through alliances and rivalries, which have nothing to do with their own real interests.