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On the dangerous and misleading campaign of so-called “solidarity with the Greek people”

Comment of the International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE 

At the same time as the discussions and meetings of the new Greek SYRIZA-ANEL government are under way at an international level, before the beginning of the official negotiations with the “European partners” and “lenders”, a “campaign of solidarity with the Greek people and left government” is being promoted by certain forces abroad.

However, if someone looks at the real conditions and facts in an objective way they would notice that the following are at the centre of the negotiations: how the people will continue to pay the high price for the debt that they did not create, how the competitiveness of the business groups will be reinforced, how the “reforms” will proceed (which ,as the Prime Minister A. Tsipras stressed during his meeting with the French President F. Hollande on 4/2 are aims of the government, no one is imposing them), how ready money will be secured for capital’s recovery.

We remind ourselves that the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government has made it clear that there will be a new program, in agreement with the lenders. That all the commitments to the “predators of the markets” will be observed, which means that the people will pay for the loans.  That it will work for the salvation of “our common European home”, i.e. the EU, which is an imperialist union. It will honour its “obligations” to NATO. And a characteristic example of all this is that the new government voted for the EU sanctions against Russia, the same sanctions that the previous government had voted for. It has also assured Israel that Greece’s cooperation with Israel will continue.

When SYRIZA and its allies abroad talk about ‘the end of austerity”, in reality they are talking about supporting capital and the continuation of a “frugal life” for the people, something which the new Finance Minister Y. Varoufakis spoke of as being necessary. The workers will continue to live in impoverishment, with downgraded rights and needs, even if the very few measures to manage extreme poverty, which have been promised by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government, are implemented.

The workers of other countries must in no instance become cheerleaders for  negotiations that are alien to the interests of the Greek workers. This is a campaign that is being orchestrated by the “Party of the European Left” and other “flotsam and jetsam” of the class struggle, like the CPUSA. The workers in other countries must stand in solidarity with the class-oriented labour and people’s movement, which is calling on the workers and popular strata to struggle to recover all the losses they suffered during the crisis period, to safeguard their contemporary rights and the satisfaction of their needs and to create the pre-conditions for a change of the class that is in power.