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Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE

On the dangerous escalation between the forces of Euro-Atlanticism and Russia

The inconclusive meeting of the US and Russian Foreign Ministers in Geneva and their inability to reach an agreement even on the subject of the talks, in the past 24 hours is accompanied by the intensification of the aggressive rhetoric and the military moves between the US, NATO, and the EU and capitalist Russia. The confrontation in Ukraine, which in recent years has been firmly at the epicentre of inter-imperialist competition, is flaring up once again.

The inability of the bourgeois classes of the countries involved to find even temporary compromises has led the so-called “Minsk Agreements” —which were already characterized by so-called “diplomatic ambiguity”— to complete deregulation as well as to the reinvigoration of plans for military “solutions” in Ukraine.

US and NATO forces are tightening the noose around the Russian Federation from the Baltic to the Black Sea. The ND government, with the support of SYRIZA and KINAL, has pushed our country into these dangerous plans, participating with armed forces in military operations abroad, proliferating new US bases and expanding the old ones. Particularly the US military base in Alexandroupolis, which was initiated by the previous SYRIZA government as well and expanded by the current ND government, is used as a centre for the deployment of US military forces to Eastern Europe. In this way, it targets the country and exposes our people to great dangers, as a result of the sharpening of inter-imperialist competition.

The KKE demands:

- The disentanglement of the country from imperialist plans, no participation in NATO military exercises and the encirclement of Russia.

- That the new Greece–USA agreement and any agreement that binds the people and the country to the dangerous imperialist plans is not ratified.

- The closure of the US–NATO bases of death.

We call on the people to strengthen the struggle for disengagement from the imperialist alliances of NATO and the EU, with our people masters in their own land.





The Press Office of the CC of the KKE