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On the demonstrations in France

The KKE expresses its solidarity with the mass mobilizations of workers, students, university students and other popular forces in France over the recent weeks, against the policy of excessively high fuel costs and the aggressive taxation of which.

This is just a part of the harsh class anti-popular policies of the "visionary" Macron – close associate of the SYRIZA-ANEL government – that are the latest word in the so-called reforms of the EU that are being implemented all over Europe. It reveals the fact that whoever is the manager of an economy that has serving capital and the criteria of capitalist profit as its strategy will promote harsh anti-worker measures in the name of a "green economy".

The KKE condemns the harsh repression, police terrorism against the protesters, the restriction of trade union action, overall the restriction of popular liberties by the Macron government.

The French people, the people of Europe, are capable today of drawing conclusions. The working class, the people, can in every country, strengthen the anti-capitalist, anti-monopoly orientation of their struggle with their own social alliance, to overcome the maneuvering of the governments, as as well as the forces that attempt to channel popular dissatisfaction into temporary forms of relief, which cause no harm to the capitalist system. To isolate the mechanisms that are hatching the serpent's egg and constitute a base for every type of provocation and slandering of the movement.

The course of regroupment and the emancipation of the labor movement, enhancing of the degree of organization of workers in the labor movement, the strengthening of their class orientation, constitute a guarantee that the voice of the workers and the other popular strata can become stronger and confront every type of distortion and deformed lens of the exploitative system, paving the way for the struggle for power and an economy that will serve the people's interests.