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On the despicable resolution of the European Parliament declaring cynical support for the murderous state of Israel

The European Parliamentary Group of the KKE voted against and denounces the despicable joint resolution of the European People's Party (New Democracy), Social Democrats (PASOK), Liberals, extreme right-wing (Greek Solution) and Greens. This vile resolution was supported by the MEPs of the Greek bourgeois parties of ND, SYRIZA, PASOK-KINAL and Greek Solution.

While the blood of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza is flowing from the criminal Israeli bombardment and a ground military invasion is due to begin, the resolution is quick to declare its cynical support for the murderous state of Israel in order to continue the massacre of the Palestinian people. Adopting the vile Israeli propaganda, it attempts to put the Palestinian people, their resistance against the barbaric Israeli occupation, in the position of the accused. It invokes Israel's "right of self-defence", and asks Israel to exercise it ... "in accordance with international humanitarian law", i.e., to be "free" to massacre Palestinians, to bomb and murder ... with "humanitarian rules" for the perpetuation and extension of the occupation, which the resolution provocatively silences and conceals.

The European Parliament also attempts to exculpate even the Israeli atrocity of bombing “Al Ahli” hospital, claiming the lives of hundreds of children and civilians, pretending to be ignorant of the perpetrator, calling for an "international investigation to identify those responsible"!

While Israel has transformed Gaza into a hell, the European Parliament asks for the cut-back of the inadequate EU funds for Palestine. Further, asking for “accountability of the social media” attempts to silence the truth of the Palestinian people.

The despicable resolution of the European Parliament serves the policy of the EU and the bourgeois governments, which support the Israeli state militarily as well, with contracts worth EUR 60 million a year awarded to Israeli military technology companies, and arms sales of EUR 200 million a year.

The EU, the governments and the bourgeois parties in its member states have chosen sides, they support the Israeli occupation state to promote the imperialist plans of EU-US-NATO in the Middle East. They are complices to the crimes of the Israeli state, as are the government of ND together with SYRIZA, PASOK-KINAL, Greek Solution and the “Spartans” fascist group.

The KKE stands on the right side of history. It demands the immediate end to the massacre of Palestinians by Israel. We unite our voices with the peoples around the world who are flooding the streets demonstrating their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their rights. We steadfastly support the struggle for the end of the Israeli occupation, a free homeland, an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with its capital in the East Jerusalem, the return of refugees to their homes, the release of all political prisoners.