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On the developments in the imperialist war in Ukraine

In a statement on the developments in the imperialist war in Ukraine, the Press Office of the CC of the KKE stresses the following:

“The alarming information that France has already sent its first troops to Ukraine, as well as the reports that Russia will carry out military exercises with tactical nuclear weapons, underline the perplexing turn of events that the imperialist conflict in Ukraine is taking.

Our country, under the responsibility of the New Democracy government, which also enjoys the support of the other Euro-Atlantic parties (SYRIZA, PASOK, Greek Solution, New Left, etc.), has been turned into a base of war and a target of reprisals, pushing the people deeper into a conflict that threatens to become generalized, with incalculable consequences, first and foremost for the peoples of Europe.

We call upon the people to intensify their struggle against Greece’s involvement in the imperialist war! The US-NATO bases of death must be closed down! The sending of weapons to the slaughterhouse of war must stop! All the Greek armed forces abroad must return home! Disengagement from the imperialist plans and organizations!

The anti-war rallying of forces condemning the warmongering EU can be expressed more robustly by casting ballots for the list of the KKE in the EU elections.”