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On the resolution - warmongering frenzy supported by ND, SYRIZA, and PASOK in the European Parliament

At a time when the imperialist war in Ukraine is dangerously escalating, the European Parliament adopted a resolution (07/10/2022) that literally constitutes a warmongering frenzy. Among other things, it ratifies and endorses the decision of the EU and member states to "increase military aid to Ukraine", calls for the establishment of "a mechanism for military aid through leasing and lending to Ukraine", and calls for coordination between governments even in regard to arms deliveries to Ukraine.

All the political groups that voted for it provocatively claim that all this must be expedited "in order to help shorten the war". They attempt to overlook the obvious, i.e. that this is precisely what is sharpening the military confrontation, considering the disastrous escalation brought about by Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian territories of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, and Donetsk.

The resolution, which was also adopted by the ND, SYRIZA, and PASOK MEPs, and the dangers it entails, underscore the responsibility of the ND government for involving the country in the US-NATO plans, sending military equipment to Ukraine, and utilizing US bases.

However, they also lay bare the pro-NATO "left" of SYRIZA, which was even praised for its vote in favour of the resolution by the ND MPs. In this way, the hypocritical character of Syriza's harnless references to "world peace" and the presence of SYRIZA cadres at anti-war concerts, the calls to "send humanitarian material, not weapons" etc. are highlighted. Besides, this is not the first time. SYRIZA and the other Euro-Atlantic parties have been irreparably exposed by supporting NATO resolutions, voting in favour of Sweden and Finland joining NATO in the Greek Parliament, and implementing the plan to establish US–NATO bases in Greece to the letter.

The MEPs of the KKE voted against the despicable resolution and highlighted that the escalation of the involvement in the imperialist war between NATO and Russia will be paid first and foremost with the blood and persecution of the people of Ukraine and Russia but also of the rest European countries due to the unbearable cost of skyrocketing prices, energy poverty, and the new round of military armaments.

It is vital and imperative that the Greek people, through their independent struggle, demand an immediate end to be put to the sending of materiel to Ukraine andthat Greece is disengaged from the war and the Euro-Atlantic plans, whichmultiply the dangers for themselves and their children. They need tofight together with the KKE, which from the very first moment, with a sense of responsibility and firmness, called upon them to refuse to choose one camp of thieves or another and to struggle so that they do not pay the price for the war and the new, impending crisis of the exploitative system; to play a leading role in the struggle, and to bring the workers'–people's needs to the forefront.