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PAME's mobilization in Athens on 9/9/2016 sent a message for defiant struggles

Thousands of workers, unemployed, self-employed, youth and women responded to the call of the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME) and on Friday clearly demonstrated their determination not to give up on their right to a decent life, stable work and social-security.

The message "no compromise with poverty and a miserable life. Organize, struggle to overturn the situation" was sent from the rally in Omonia square. There then followed a mass march to Syntagma square.

Alekos Perrakis from the Executive Secretariat of PAME delivered the main speech and noted that "PAME calls on the working class of our country to respond through their organization and struggles to the attempts to make us accept a life with crumbs, without rights so as to increase the profits of the big monopolies. Because we do not deserve the life that has been created for us today.
He made reference to the new measures that the government is preparing and supports the needs of capital, while he called on the workers to overcome fatalism, passivity and disillusionment that are sown by the forces of the old and new employer and government-led trade unionism together with the employers and stressed that the workers cannot rest their hopes on a change in government, "which as has been demonstrated in practice merely changes the personnel who manage the capitalist system inside the framework of the predatory alliance of the EU." He called on the trade unions to be at the forefront of the organizing the struggle, to initiate flashpoints of resistance in every workplace.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, made the following statement at PAME's demonstration in Omonia:

""Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are", as our people say. And the friends of Mr Tsipras, Hollande, Rentzi and the rest are bleeding the peoples with the anti-people measures they are constantly passing, just as the Greek government itself does. There must be no illusions that the EU can be improved through meetings of the Southerners and the proclamations of Athens. Our people must look around them and not at the high summits, they must expect nothing from them, nothing from whether the leaders of the South of Europe unite. They must look around them and the workers must unite with the self-employed, farmers, tradesmen and scientists and begin a real counterattack. The KKE will be in the front line of this struggle."