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Press Statement of the KKE on the European Communist Meeting

On the 7th of December 2015, the European Communist Meeting was held in Brussels at the initiative of the KKE. 35 Communist and Workers’ Parties took part in the meeting, whose theme was: ““We strengthen the workers’-people’s struggle against the capitalist barbarity which creates wars, poverty, refugees and immigrants. For the Europe of socialism, peace, social justice.”

The representatives of the Communist and Workers Parties had the opportunity to exchange experiences and information about the situation in their countries and the activity of their parties, while they also discussed the developments being formed due to the capitalist crisis and the sharpening of the inter-imperialist competition.

At the centre of their attention were the issues related to the imperialist war in Syria, as well as the dangerous developments in Ukraine, the immigrant-refugee question and the offensive of capital, the anti-people governments and the EU on the rights and gains of the working class and other popular strata. An offensive that is being synchronized with anti-communism which places obstacles in the way of the activity of the CPs and targets the workers’-people’s struggle.

Many representatives highlighted the reactionary role which the imperialist organizations of NATO and the EU are playing in the developments. They underscored the need to strengthen the people’s struggle against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the EU and USA (TTIP), the anti-missile “defense” of NATO, and against capitalism and the monopolies as a whole.

Many representatives referred to the damaging role of old and “new” social-democracy, of the fostering of illusions about the “correction” of capitalism.

The representatives of the Communist and Workers’ Parties saluted the struggles being waged in many countries to overturn the anti-people measures, for solidarity with refugees and against the nationalist/fascist forces, against imperialist war, to pave the way for a society without the exploitation of man by man.