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Prohibition of demonstrations will not pass

The bill that was submitted to the Parliament on 29/6 by the Ministry of Public Security, sets unacceptable restrictions on the action of the labor-popular movement, with the strengthening of the repression structures, for the reduction of the popular protest and the demands.

The unions are taking a battle position in order to give a decisive answer to the effort  of the government and the employers to paralyse the people's struggles.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, condemning the unacceptable legislative operation submitted by the ND government and seeking the slander and criminalization of popular mobilizations and demonstrations, underlined:

“It is a bill that essentially puts under ban and restriction any popular mobilization. It is a bill of state terrorism, authoritarianism and repression.

But the government is deeply mistaken if it thinks that this junta-inspired construction will be implemented and, much more, legitimized in the people's conscience. The organized labor-popular movement will nullify it in practice, as it did in the past with similar laws that wanted to paralyse people's claims".