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KKE delegation in the European Parliament - Press Release

Question about the bloody and violent repression of the demonstrations in Sudan

The KKE delegation in the European Parliament condemned the savage repression of the Sudanese bourgeois regime at the expense of demonstrators as well as the apprehensions of communists and other activists, with a question to the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, F. Mogherini. MEP Kostas Papadakis in his question underscores:

"The authoritative bourgeois regime of Sudan confronted the massive and just demonstrations of thousands of people, communists and other activists with violence and repression that had as a result the demise of 40 demonstrators and the wounding of hundreds. The workers and the popular strata of the country are protesting against the immense poverty, the hunger and misery that are experiencing as a result of the the anti-people policy of the Sudanese regime that is supported by imperialist unions and lashes against the Yemen in the margins of the Saudi invasion there.

The High Representative is asked:

- Does she denounce the savage repression of the Sudanese regime at the expenses of the just demonstrations of the Sudanese people?

- What is Her position in the demand

- that the Sudanese regime liberates the communists and the hundreds of other activists that are incarcerated for their participation in the popular struggles?

- to stop all kinds of persecution at the expense of the Sudanese Communist Party and of the people of the country that struggles?


KKE delegation in the European Parliament