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Delegation of the KKE in the European Parliament

Question about the court decision banning abortions in Poland

The Delegation of the KKE in the European Parliament denounced the unacceptable decision of the Polish Constitutional Court to ban abortions with a question submitted by the MEP of the Party Kostas Papadakis to the European Commission.

Recently, the Constitutional Court of Poland issued a condemnable and highly obscurantist decision, on the basis of which abortions due to problems in the anatomy of the fetus were ruled unconstitutional. In practical terms, it aimed to ban the majority of legal abortions in the country. The reactions and multi-day mobilizations that erupted led the government to announce the temporary non-implementation of this decision.

Until the court decision, under the unacceptable status which was in force in Poland, abortions were performed only when the pregnancy was a threat to the life or health of the woman, when the fetus was found to be suffering from a serious, incurable disease and when the pregnancy was the result of rape. The reactionary Polish government's long-standing pursuit is a complete ban on abortions, pushing more women to illegal abortion, risking their lives, rewarding the further commercialization of health, and reinforcing anachronistic and deeply reactionary views on the role of women in society. After all, the Polish government is not the only one promoting these reactionary policies, as 31 countries, including the United States, have signed a shameful anti-abortion declaration. This is another blow to the rights of young women, who are deprived of the opportunity for safe, public and free of charge abortion, at a time when there is a complete lack of knowledge by scientific and governmental actors about all parameters and the consequences of one or the other choice.

The à la carte and on the basis of competition within the EU, invoking "respect for the rule of law and human rights" are activating under the pretext of the case of Poland, new reactionary EU mechanisms, at the expense of the peoples, who have come to stay.

The decision is not at all detached from the barbaric policy of commercialization of health by the EU and all governments. This is because regardless of their differentiated views on the specific issue of abortion, their common denominator is that they perceive women's reproductive health as a field of investment for capital and not as a right that must be guaranteed to all women without conditions.

After all, Poland is an example of alignment with the law and the implementation of anti-popular EU guidelines, which promote the full leveling of women's rights, of the working class rights as a whole, the multiform support of business groups, the anti-communist criminalization of public support during socialism and everything socialism achieved, Among these achievements was the fact that the foundations were laid so that women could achieve parity with men, in all areas of social life.

Based on the above, the MEP of the ΚΚΕ asked the following question to the European Commission:

"How does the European Commission stand on the need to ensure a legal framework without prohibitions and restrictions on abortion and an exclusively public and free health system that provides not only abortion services but also services offering sex education, family planning, prenatal screening, medically assisted reproduction, pregnancy and childbirth? "