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The Berlin Conference has eventually neither brought nor could bring a solution that ensures peace, stability in Libya and the interests of the Libyan people. After all, the participants of the Conference themselves are responsible for the 2011 NATO war and the break-up of Libya, for the ongoing military conflicts that have brought misery to the people of this country.

The "wishes" reflected in the draft decision to "cease fire", "respect the arms embargo" or "the withdrawal of foreign military forces" cannot impede or reverse the real causes of the conflict, which are the imperialist competitions for energy resources, in which both General Khalifa Haftar and the Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj are involved.

The KKE has noted that the war hotspots, created by US, NATO and EU interventions, such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya, are open wounds that "fester" by the competition between the Euro-Atlantic block, Russia and China.

"Imperialist peace", with a gun on the peoples' head, cannot provide real peace for the benefit of the people of Libya and the other peoples of the region. It contains the germ of the sharpening of the situation and the escalation of war.

In these conditions, complicated by Turkish aggression and the unacceptable Turkey-Libya agreement to define maritime zones, the ND government, continuing SYRIZA's policy, deeply engages the country in the "vicious circle" of imperialist plans.