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Solidarity Message to the CP of Cuba

Communist Party of Cuba

Central Commitee

Department of International Relations

Athens, August 8th, 2022

Dear Comrades,

Please convey to the Central Committee of the CP of Cuba, the government and the people of Cuba our internationalist solidarity for the large fire and destruction as a result of the powerful lightning that struck the Matanzas oil facilies.  

We would like particularly extend our solidarity to the firefighters, the members of the Armed Forces and all those who are fighting heroically to extinguish the fire and rescue the missing persons, and we wish a quick recovery to the injured ones.

The accident, which happened in an extremely complex and difficult period for the energy supply of all states, makes even more necessary the intensification of the struggle against the criminal US blockade of Cuba and its lifting even more imperative.

With fraternal greetings

The International Relations Section of the CC of KKE