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Solidarity with the Communist Party of Venezuela

The Communist Party of Greece (KKE) follows closely the denouncements made by the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV) on the persecutions and attacks against  workers and communist trade unionists in the country's oil industry.

Specifically, the denouncements of an armed group attacking against the communist trade unionists Dolores Herrera and Gustavo Yánez which seems to have been done with the tolerance of the local authorities and the police, as well as the unjustified long-term violent detention of trade unionists preparing a labor assembly by the state agency DIGEDIM.

The KKE condemns the persecution and attacks against workers and communist trade unionists and expresses its solidarity with the PCV and its struggle for the defense of workers' and people's rights. The KKE calls on the Venezuelan government to take immediate action to stop attacks and prosecutions against trade unionists and communists.


International Relations Section of the CC of KKE