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Solidarity with the struggle of the Cuban people against the US intervention

The MEPs of the KKE denounced the orchestrated intervention plan by the USA and the anti-Cuban mafia aiming to overthrow the Cuban government at the relevant discussion in the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs. KKE MEP Kostas Papadakis highlighted the pretextual concern of the EU–USA about “human rights” and expressed the KKE’s solidarity with the people, the government, and the Communist Party of Cuba in the struggle to defend their gains. The contribution of the KKE MEP reads as follows:

“During the past days, there is an ongoing orchestrated intervention plan by the USA, the Cuban mafia, and forces acting within Cuba aiming to overthrow the government. All those that are using photographs of mobilizations in Egypt or even of pro-government demonstrations in Cuba in an attempt to magnify the demonstrations are being exposed.

The USA and its supporters are hypocritically concerned about the shortages of goods and the pandemic in Cuba, while all these bear the stamp of their own criminal embargo which has been imposed for decades now, together with the 242 measures imposed by the Trump administration which continue to be implemented by the current Biden administration. All those talking about a progressive shift of the USA after the election of Biden are refuted. Under conditions of a pandemic and an inhuman blockade on medical supplies, Cuba is struggling to protect the life of its people, has developed 5 vaccines, and has sent doctors to other countries expressing real solidarity.

The overused pretexts of the USA and the EU about “human rights” and the hypocritical concern about the right to demonstrate by those that ban demonstrations and strikes in the EU are also being used in the case of Cuba, aiming at an imperialist intervention; however they will fall on stony ground. We express our complete solidarity with the people, the government, and the Communist Party of Cuba, in the struggle of the Cuban people to defend the gains of their revolution.”


15/07/2021                                                                                         MEPs of the KKE