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Statement by the GS of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumpas on the political developements

"The bargaining between Mr. Tsipras and Mr. Kammenos in the last few days ended in Mr. Tsipras seeking a vote of confidence today. Regardless of what will happen in the Parliament the day after tomorrow, regardless of who Mr Tsipras's possible companions will be and the bargaining that will continue to take place over the next few days, it is the Greek people who should not give a vote of confidence. The Greek people must condemn a government that has followed and follows an anti-people - memorandum policy, integrated into Euro-Nato's dangerous plans."

In response to a journalist's question whether the government has political legitimacy or must proceed with elections, Mr. Koutsoumpas replied:

"It has political legitimacy obviously if it receives a vote of confidence, based on what is in the Constitution of the country, etc., The point is however, that it has no political legitimacy in the conscience of the working people, the Greek people, with all the anti-popular policies that it has implemented these past four years, by the fact that it got into government by telling huge lies, promising abolition of the memorandum, and then creating the third, worst, harshest memorandum, now adhering to a post-memorandum Memorandum, an agreement with the "partners" that is also barbaric and anti-people, as was made clear by the vote on the recent anti-popular budget. And of course it follows an unacceptable, dangerous policy that puts the Greek people at risk, and the sovereign rights of the country, one that "divides and reigns", leading the country to becoming a vast American NATO base.

In any case, the KKE at the Parliamentary session that apparently starts on Tuesday and ends on Wednesday evening, or at the latest, Thursday, as it was informed of by the President of the parliament, will not give a vote of confidence; it will vote against this government as well. "

ATHENS 13/1/2019