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Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE on the anti-communist fiesta in Estonia

The anti-historical anticommunist fiestas in Estonia constitute a provocation for the millions of victims of Nazism, for all the peoples of Europe who, through their struggle, wrote the heroic pages of the Antifascist Victory. They constitute a provocation for the millions of communists, the fighters who contributed decisively to crush Nazism-fascism.

These fiestas are a continuation of similar events that have been taking place in recent years under the auspices of the EU which, having anticommunist ideology as its official policy and with enormous budgets, attempts to establish the 23rd August as a "European Day of Remembrance for the victims of totalitarian regimes".Its major aim is the re-writing of the peoples' history, the slandering of socialism, the unacceptable and anti-historical equation of communism with fascism-Nazism. A basic aim is to conceal the fact that the power of monopolies, which in Germany took the form of Nazism, capitalism itself was overthrown in the USSR and in the other countries where the working class took the power; and that, despite the weaknesses and serious mistakes, socialist construction progressed for decades. 

The anticommunist campaign of the EU, which goes hand in hand with the anti-people, anti-worker offensive, finds its best expression in Estonia and the other Baltic countries. The Estonian bourgeois governments, with the support of the EU and the USA, during the years that followed the overthrow of socialism in the socialist countries and the USSR's dissolution, struggled to distort the historical truth.

It has been proved that the efforts to equate communism with fascism aim at exonerating Nazism of its crimes. In Estonia, the murderers of the 20th Estonian division of the Waffen SS, of the Estonian SS which fought at the side of Nazi Germany are proclaimed as "heroes", thus enjoying pensions and privileges, while the activity of the Communist Party and the communist symbols are prohibited and the period when Estonia was part of the USSR is considered as an "occupation". The day of Estonia's liberation by the Red Army and the Estonian partisans has been established as a "day of mourning" by today's anti-communists and the descendants of the Nazi murderers.

All the claims of SYRIZA, New Democracy and the other parties about the supposed "EU of peace, democracy, security, solidarity" are collapsing in Estonia and in other countries.

The refusal of the SYRIZA-ANEL government to participate in tomorrow's events (23/08/2017) in Estonia is at the very least hypocritical, not only because it had been officially represented at last year's events in Bratislava, but also because it exonerates the EU of the monopolies, which has anti-communism and the equation of communism with Nazism as its banner. Besides, the slandering of socialism, of the entire socialist course of the Soviet Union by SYRIZA encourages the vulgar extreme anticommunism of New Democracy, PASOK and the other parties, together with the murderous Nazi Golden Dawn of course, as it has been expressed during recent days.

One hundred years after the October Socialist Revolution, the peoples of Europe can draw conclusions. The strengthening of anticommunism proves that the bourgeoisie and its mechanisms are trembling in face of the people and the prospect of their struggle; they strike at the communists because they are those who represent the way out of the rotten exploitative system and its crises.

The people's experience proves that escalation of anticommunism and all the outdated reactionary ideas is nothing other than a precursor for new anti-people measures and restrictions on people's rights, a precursor for the launching of a new round of imperialist wars and interventions against the peoples.

For this reason, the struggle for the abolition of the anticommunist persecution and restrictions, the struggle against anticommunism, for the satisfaction of the contemporary needs and rights of the people, is connected with the constant struggle for workers power, for the liberation of the working class and the popular strata from the bonds of capitalism, from the exploitation which generates poverty, wars, Nazism-fascism and its supporters.


The Press Office of the CC of the KKE