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Statement of the Press Office on the acceleration of process for the presidential elections

The developments make the immediate intervention of the people absolutely necessary. There must be no delays in the popular mobilizations, in the name of waiting for the negotiations, for the votes in Parliament and possible elections.

The acceleration of the elections for the new President of the Republic is integrated into the plans for the escalation of the offensive against the people, with new barbaric measures that are being pushed forwards, regardless of the any extension of the memorandum and the transition to a new phase of supervision.

The KKE has stated clearly that , for some time now,  it will not vote for the President of the Republic, irrespective of the person who will be proposed, because the constitutional role of this specific institution concerns the ratification of anti-people laws that the parliaments and governments vote for.

Inside the context of these developments, the ND-PASOK coalition government is seeking to acquire wider consensus for the implementation of new anti-people policies, while SYRIZA is seeking to undertake the management and negotiation with the lenders, which in any case is unfolding at the expense of the people. In any case, the plans of the government to find 180 MPs and also of SYRIZA to find 121, even in alliance with “pro-memorandum” MPs, aim at transforming the people into passive viewers of the developments who seek an allegedly “better” negotiator inside the anti-people framework.

What the people need immediately is a strong people’s movement, a strong people’s alliance. The anti-people developments can not be prevented by governments that recognize the debt, accept the permanent shackles of the EU and support the recovery of capital, which is based on the ruins of the people’s rights and demands the demolition of any remaining rights for the benefit of the big business interests.

The people need a KKE that is strong everywhere, including in the next elections, because it is the only real opponent of the monopolies and the EU of the permanent memoranda.

Because it will oppose the governments of the one or the other form of  management. These are forms of bourgeois management that do not at all guarantee the recovery of the enormous losses of the people but serve the same path which is leading us to greater hazards.

Because the KKE is the only force that , without retreats and retractions, will be in the front line of the people’s struggles, place obstacles in front of the new measures, fight for the abolition of all the application laws and the recovery of the losses. To pave the way for the only pro-people way out, which is for the people to finally free themselves and the country from the shackles of the EU and the debt and from the chains of the monopolies, so that the people themselves will take the power into their own hands.


ATHENS 9/12/2014                            PRESS OFFICE OF THE CC OF THE KKE