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Press Bureau of the CC of the KKE

Statement on the US intervention relative to the Iranian oil tanker

In a statement by the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKE on the intervention of the USA regarding the Iranian oil tanker, it reads:

"In relation to the issue that has arisen with the Iranian tanker "Adrian Darya 1" that is sailing from Gibraltar to the Mediterranean, the KKE considers the intervention of the USA unacceptable and denounces its recommendations and warnings towards the Greek government and every other one, in the case that the Iranian tanker heads to a Greek or other port.

This American intervention as well, included in the imperialist designs of escalating aggression against Iran, within the context of broader competitions in the Persian Gulf and the wider region, are particularly dangerous for the peoples of the region.

The oil tanker "Adrian Darya 1" has the right to approach a Greek or other port, for refueling and food supplies, safety issues, needs of the crew, etc., in accordance with relative international rules and national law.

The KKE calls upon the Greek government to reject US warnings and to exclude any participation of a Greek ship or aircraft in the so-called multi-national force deployed by the US and its allies to promote imperialist designs in the Persian Gulf and war designs against Iran."