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Students flooded the streets of Athens demanding public and free universities

On Thursday 8/2/24, tens of thousands of students, who flooded the centre of Athens holding a mass nationwide student rally, showed the strength of the youth, who dare and fight against the bill on private universities, demanding public and free universities.

As stressed by the Press Office of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), university and school students, together with their teachers, “gave a strong response to the lies of the government that accompany this bill, but also to its attempt to slander, intimidate and suppress the student movement. The policy of the government and the EU, with the establishment of private universities and the further commercialization of education, has been met with the universal rejection of the youth! All that remains to do is to withdraw the bill and pay attention to the just demands of students for an increase in state funding for universities, for a substantial improvement of their studies, with safe and adequate infrastructure and teachers, free textbooks, the provision of meals,  accommodation and transport, degrees that matter and not degrees that come with a price tag, and work with rights. Those who ignore them, misinterpret or distort the message that was heard today by thousands of voices will make a huge mistake. The struggle continues! The just struggle of the students will be victorious!”

The MPs of the KKE attended the rally and stood by the students’ side.