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TEACHERS - Mass strike rallies for education and life with dignity

 The government responded to their just demands with chemicals outside the Parliament

On 15/12, teachers from the public and private sector together with students held a mass strike rally at the Propylaea and a demonstration in the centre of Athens, asserting their demands for modern and safe schools, adequate funding for education, and increases in their salaries. The government’s response to their just demands was an attacklaunched by strong police forces outside the parliament, who beat them and used chemicals.

A march took place in central streets of Athens that “encircled” the Ministry of Finance in a symbolic move, passing through Mitropoleos street, to then end up outside the Parliament, where the demonstrators were attacked by riot police.

“While plaster is peeling off the ceiling at schools,they are throwing tear gas at teachers”, stressed the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME), which in a statement denounced the unacceptable violent attack of the government with riot police and tear gas. “The government wants to ‘teach’ repression and intimidation, but today the lesson was taught by the militant, determined attitude of thousands of young children and militant teachers who are not intimidated and do not bow their heads, but struggle and demand, against the rotten system that wants to crush their dreams”, stressed PAME among other things.

“On the path of struggle, in the rallies of the workers and the youth, against repression and intimidation, our tears and our anger will become their nightmare”, PAME notes, demanding “the immediate abolition of all repression units”.