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2. The Party, as part of the International Communist Movement (ICM), is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history. This is a period in which —30 years after the victory of the counter-revolutionary overthrow of the first historical attempt for the transition from capitalism to socialism–communism— the following major contradiction continues to exist and deepen:

On the one hand, the contradiction between the social character of labour and the capitalist appropriation of a large part of its results leading to the destruction of a significant part of productive forces, with the outbreak of a new economic crisis before the recovery phase reaches the pre-crisis productive level. Capitalist economy maintains high rates of unemployment, part time employment, and underemployment in general in the recovery phase as well. It leads to mass destruction of human and material resources, due to the lack of necessary infrastructure for protection against natural phenomena, the lack of infrastructure and other health protection measures, despite the great technological potential. Technological development, digitization, teleworking, etc., instead of leading to a general reduction in working time, are used to intensify and increase the degree of exploitation, to provide new forms of manipulation. Acute problems are created by mass refugee flows, due to the long-lasting imperialist war flashpoints and the sharpening of competition between imperialist states, while the tendency for realignments in the imperialist pyramid is now evident.

On the other hand, the retreat of the labour movement —and the communist movement as well— continues, a process which is characterised by occasional outbursts of mass reactions, often with disorienting or reactionary demands. The regroupment of the labour–trade union movement is advancing slowly at the international level, in the most important countries of the international capitalist system; likewise the revolutionary, ideological–political regroupment of the communist movement, even in countries which are faced with a long-lasting imperialist war, with sharpening problems threatening the survival of the people. At the same time, the reactionary transformation of the whole bourgeois superstructure (in education, mass information —newspapers, television, internet—, publishing and artistic intervention, etc.), which is marked by anti-communism, as well as employer manipulation, impede the development of a more distinct revolutionary, ideological–political, that is, communist vanguard.


3. Since the 20th Congress in 2017, our Party struggled and continues to struggle to maintain its established revolutionary characteristics in very unfavourable international and domestic conditions. These conditions are constantly deteriorating also due to the pandemic, which acted as a catalyst for the new economic crisis, and due to the large influx of refugees–immigrants caused by imperialist wars and fuelled by the policy of the Turkish state. An important factor in the deterioration of the situation is the strengthening of the economic and military presence of the USA, which seeks to block the capital penetration of China–Russia in Greece as a gateway to Europe and the intention of these countries to approach Turkey as an ally. The intensification of competition and contradictions in the region with the concentration of military means in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the intensification of Turkish claims against Greek sovereign rights, and even the questioning of the territory of the Greek islands, which are also being promoted by the NATO and EU support to Turkey, are further strengthened. It is obvious that the bourgeoisies of Greece and Turkey are seeking to upgrade, each one on its own account, their role in the region, a fact that sharpens the competition between them.