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The MEPs of the KKE made an intervention at the extraordinary meeting of the European Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee on the "situation in Belarus", denouncing the intervention of the EU, NATO, and the USA.

The MEP of the Party, Kostas Papadakis, stated the following:

"We denounce once again the current events in Belarus that are linked to the EU, NATO, and USA intervention. The pretexts of the EU and its allies are the same old story also used in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Iraq, etc. The people have paid for these operations with rivers of blood and their suffering in their divided countries continues to this day due to war, poverty, and being refugees. All these are the result of the competition of business groups to control the markets, as in Belarus, for the energy transfer networks of a country, having strong support from Russia, which is the last stop on China's Silk Road.

Regarding the governments of Poland and the Baltic states, all we can say is "look who's talking". While they are being demagogic talking about "freedom and democracy", they are the same ones who drag opposition newspapers to court and imprison communists, ban CPs, and at the same time whitewash fascist gangs.

The Belarusian people have not given any authority to the EU and its allies to intervene. They do not need them! They can decide based on their own interests and turn the page, getting rid of the current and any bourgeois regime, with their own power, providing an alternative solution to the impasses of the capitalist path of development ".