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Intervention of the KKE in the European parliament:

The EU upgrades its relations with Israel and characterizes the struggle of the Palestinian people terrorism

The decision of the USA to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has set off another fire in the already flammable Middle East, noted on December 12, 2017 Kostas Papadakis, MEP of the KKE, in the Europarliament session.

He also noted that the US is trying to legitimise the Israeli occupation, the continuous crime at the expense of the Palestinian people with murders, imprisonment, walls and settlements, and added that this development is connected with the US plan for border change in the region aiming at the control of the energy resources and of their transport routes. These are the antagonisms that dictate the different stance of Germany, UK, France. Nevertheless, the EU has grave responsibilities because it is upgrading the relations with Israel, equating the perpetrator with the victim and characterizing the just struggle of the Palestinian people as terrorism.

He also mentioned that the Greek government, that continuously embellishes the aggressive politics of the USA as being "devilishly good", is upgrading its relations with Israel and at the same time does not proceed to recognize the state of Palestine.

K.Papadakis expressed the KKE's solidarity with the Palestinian people, with its struggle for the recognition of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, within the 1967 borders.