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The KKE and the “Declaration of Prague”

The CP of Bohemia-Moravia organized an International Conference in Prague on the 23-24 of May 2015, to which the KKE was invited and took part in. Communist and Workers Parties were not the only ones invited to this international activity. Other forces were also invited, which wear the mantle of the "left", like the German Die Linke that for many years has been participating in the attempts to sow illusions amongst the workers about the "humanization" of capital and the EU, while they often play a leading role in the EU's anti-communist, anti-soviet campaign. And this alone, the entirely different character of the forces that participated, would make it impossible for the KKE to sign a joint statement on serious ideological-political issues on which there are known to be divergent positions.
The comrades of the CP Bohemia-Moravia, who prepared a draft joint declaration, stated that the representatives of the parties would have until the end of May to inform them if they support the statement. At the same time however, they sent this text to Solidnet, where it was published on 26/5, without the signatures of the parties, leaving it open to misinterpretation as to which parties sign it.
On the part of the KKE, we would like to make a brief and codified statement as regards why our party can not sign the 'Prague Declaration":
1/ The meaning of imperialism at several points in the text is limited, mistakenly in our view, to being an "expansionist" aggressive foreign policy.
The KKE consistently supports the position of Lenin that imperialism is monopoly capitalism, with all the significant characteristics described by the leader of the October Revolution in his writings.
2/ The text contains, in our estimation, mistaken views in relation to the issue of cooperation and promotes the deeply futile "unity of the left and progressive forces", which has been used as vehicle for the management of capitalism and implementation of anti-people policies in several countries.
The KKE in opposition to this view promotes the need for the social alliance of the working class and the other urban and rural popular strata against the monopolies and capitalism.
3/ The text notes the aim of the USA and EU to distort history and revise the results of the 2nd World war.
However, the USA and EU are not the only forces that participate in this attempt at revision. And this is because, in our opinion, the most important outcome of the 2nd World War was the emergence of socialist states in Central and Eastern Europe and the further strengthening of the USSR. Social-political forces that are now in power in these countries and which earlier had led the counterrevolution and capitalist restoration in the USSR and the other countries of Eastern Europe contributed to this revision along wιth the USA and EU. The current leadership of Russia alsο participates in the distortion of history and actively takes part in the unacceptable anti-communist campaign around the Katyn massacre, despite all the publications about the falsification that began in the Yeltsin period, following in the footsteps of Goebbels.
4/ The text treats the issue of war from a pacifist standpoint, with vague "wishes" for peace.
In the opinion of the KKE on this issue, Lenin's approach is completely valid. Lenin noted that "War is no chance happening, no "sin" as is thought by Christian priests (who are no whit behind the opportunists in preaching patriotism, humanity and peace), but an inevitable stage of capitalism, just as legitimate a form of the capitalist way of life as peace is.» The imperialist wars, the wars for the conquest of markets, territories, direct political control, are characteristic of the contemporary era of capitalism and express the need for a new division of markets, for new peace "agreements", on the basis of the development of uneven capitalist development. All the bourgeois classes are responsible for the imperialist wars and not just those that have allied in the framework of NATO and the EU.
The issue for the labour-people's movement in each capitalist state is not to choose which group of imperialists to ally with, but to choose to conduct its own struggle against the war of the bourgeoisies, so that the people's blood is not shed for interests alien to them and for the enrichment of the exploiters. The struggle against imperialist war can not be detached from the struggle to overthrow capital's power.

5/ The opportunist-socialdemocratic forces, such as Die Linke, also bear responsibility for the imperialist wars, as well as other parties of the so-called Party of the European Left (PEL) , which support them, e.g. as happened in the case of the war in Libya, in the Central African Republic, in Syria etc.
6/ The text maintains an "aphoristic" stance towards violence, without examining what kind of violence, what type of war, by what class, for what purpose. And this at a time when it is very well-known that the bourgeois want the people to completely reject revolutionary violence, so that they can exert capital's violence on them unimpeded.
The KKE and the communist movement in general condemn the violence and war caused by the bourgeois classes, in all its forms. Whether it be a clear military expansionist intervention or in the form of the bourgeois political line in the period of peace, which includes the violence of the class exploitation of the working class and paves the way for new imperialist wars.
In addition, we consider that the revolutionary labour movement must acquire the ability to counter capital's violence with its own violence. Georgi Dimitrov, in relation to this question at his trial in Liepzig used a quote from the German poet Goethe " Yes, he who does not want to be an anvil, must be a hammer." While K. Marx and F. Engels noted in the Communist Manifesto: "The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.»

7/ The text calls for a world with "no wars, no violence, no misery" for the "society's democratic development", without mentioning which society we should struggle for. In this way it leaves room for confusion that war and misery, the attack on social and democratic rights can cease inside the conditions of capitalism.
The KKE and many other communist and workers parties declare that our era is the era of the passage from capitalism to socialism. Capitalism can not solve the problems of the workers, it can only causes crises and imperialist wars, the suppression of democratic and social rights, fascism, the relative and absolute destitution of the working class and other popular strata. The only alternative solution for the peoples is socialism.
It is obvious for the above reasons that the KKE can not sign the "Prague Declaration".

International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE