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The KKE attended the anti-NATO demonstration in Madrid

A large delegation of the KKE attended the mass anti-NATO demonstration that was held on Sunday 26/6/22 in Madrid on the occasion of the NATO Summit.

The members of the Communist Party of the Workers of Spain (PCTE) and a large delegation of the KKE consisting of the vanguard comrades of each Regional Organization of the Party and the Youth that took first place in the annual financial campaign of the KKE, militantly demonstrated under the same banner.

The Spanish and Greek communists shouted slogans against NATO, the EU, and the imperialist war in Ukraine in both languages such as “The peoples shout out loud both in Greece and Spain: Down with the US-NATO bases and troops”, “NATO and Russia redivide the world, they draw the borders with the blood of the peoples”, and “Struggle is the only way”.

Apart from the anti-NATO slogans, the condemnation of the Spanish social democratic government, and the need for the working class to wave its own flag against capitalism, the demonstrators also expressed their solidarity with the Kononovich brothers, the young communists who are imprisoned in Ukraine, chanting the slogan “Free the Kononovich brothers”.