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The KKE denounces the neo-fascist attacks against communists in Serbia and the provocative state persecution of the secretary of the Communist Youth (SKOJ)

 The KKE denounces in the most categorical way the threats and attacks that have carried out over the past 10 days against the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and its youth organization by the neo-fascist organization “Serbian Action” and condemns the stance of the government and Serbian authorities that are demonstrating provocative tolerance towards the neo-fascist attacks against communists and in reality are fomenting them.




On the 11 of October, a fascist gang attacked a member of the Union of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ) in the Philosophy faculty ofBelgrade. On the same day, a similar attack was made on a member of the SKOJ inNovi Sad.

During events in solidarity with the demonstrations of workers in Bosnia-Herzegovina there were also attacks against members of SKOJ, while members of “Serbian Action” attacked and vandalized the central offices of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia inBelgrade.

Groups of the neo-fascist “Serbian Action” attacked a protest of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia against an anti-communist exhibition inBelgrade. In the most recent attack the target was Aleksandar Đenić, First Secretary of SKOJ. The police officers who got involved, instead of arresting the members of the neo-fascist “Serbian Action” who had attacked him, arrested him for resisting and defending himself from the attack. And the young communist is being dragged through the courts because he resisted, instead of the fascists who ought to be the accused!


     The KKE denounces the escalation of the fascist violence against the communists. It demands the immediate cessation of the prosecution of Aleksandar Đenić and that immediate measures be taken against the criminal activity of the neo-fascist groups and that the free political activity of communists inSerbiabe safeguarded. It warns that anti-communism and the rise of fascism go hand in hand and always constitute the precursor of a more general offensive against the labour, social and democratic rights of the workers and peoples.


Athens, 20 October 2014

The Press Bureau of the Central Committee of KKE