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The KKE unequivocally condemns the shipment of white phosphorus munitions to Ukraine

New batches of weapons are being sent by the New Democracy government to the Ukrainian Zelenskiy government, according to the decision taken on 2/4/24 in a closed meeting of the Special Standing Committee on Armament Programmes and Contracts of the Greek Parliament. The New Democracy government has gone so far as to send banned white phosphorus munitions to Ukraine, becoming an accomplice in the commission of war crimes! The representatives of the other parties (SYRIZA, PASOK, Greek Solution, New Left, Spartans, Victory, Course of Freedom) covered up this despicable decision sitting in  guilty silence.

In his statement, Nikos Papanastasis, MP of the KKE, who took part in the meeting of the committee, noted the following:

“At today's meeting of the Committee on Arms Programmes of the Parliament, the New Democracy government, which takes the lead in supporting the NATO-US-EU military operations on the Ukrainian front in the war with Russia, has once again submitted for approval a new list of weapons systems and ammunition for sale, in addition to the unknown huge quantities already sent since the beginning of the war. 

Undoubtedly, the removal of these weapons and ammunition from the Greek Armed Forces and their transferto the imperialist war in Ukraine weakens the country’s defence capability.

Today, the government, havingcrossed the line regarding the country’s involvement in this imperialist war and violating any notion of respect for international treaties and UN bans on the use of white phosphorus against human targets, is selling tens of thousands of artillery shells containing white phosphorus to Ukraine via the Czech Republic.

Through its decisions, the ND government is deliberately creating the conditions for the commission of grave war crimes. The silence of the other parties in parliament (SYRIZA, PASOK, Greek Solution, New Left, Spartans, Victory and Course of Freedom) showstheir complicity in this ongoing crime. 

The current developments are very serious and dangerous and cannot take place behind the back of the Greek people.

The KKE unequivocally condemns the criminal downward spiral of the government, which serves the most dirty operational plans of NATO, the USA and the EU and even abandons the pretext of alleged international legitimacy, as in the case of the dispatch of white phosphorus munitions to the front in Ukraine.

It condemns the deployment of military personnel, units and warships of the Greek Armed Forces outside the borders and their participation in operations supporting these bloody imperialist interventions.

It also condemns the creation of conditions that turn our people into targets of retaliation. 

The KKE is committed to informing the people, revealing the consequences and implications of these crimes andfighting to overturn the conditions that give rise to them.”