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The KKE will fight against the new anti-people government and express the people's interests

Early general elections were held in Greece on 7 July 2019, in which the Communist Party of Greece received 300,000 votes and 5.3%,  with the  re-election of 15 MPs to the Greek Parliament. This result was achieved in conditions of the change of the correlation of forces amongst the bourgeois parties, a generalized trend towards increasing conservatism, blackmail, disillusionment that had been sowed by the anti-people political line of the "left" SYRIZA government. 
The conservative party of ND came first with 39.8% and popular discontent was expressed towards the SYRIZA government, which received 31.5%.
KINAL, the continuation of old social-democracy in Greece, entered the new parliament with 8.1%, the nationalist-racist party "Greek Solution" with 3.7% and the other social-democratic party MERA25 with 3.4% also entered parliament. In contrast, 16 parties did not pass the election threshold of 3%, including the criminal fascist organization of Golden Dawn whose vote shrunk significantly to 2.9%.

Immediately after the declaration of the results, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, made the following statement:

«We thank all those who voted for the KKE and especially those who took the step for the first time. In addition we thank those who cooperated with the KKE in this election battle, participated in its lists, even if in the past they belonged to other political currents, continuing the similar mobilization that occurred also during the European elections. We salute the thousands of members, cadres, friends of the Party and KNE who gave their best to strengthen the KKE.
The next day will find new forces on the path of the counterattack, on the path of the political class struggle.
The conditions of the elections, as well as of the European elections a month ago reflected a new correlation of forces between the bourgeois parties with the main characteristic being the superiority of ND over SYRIZA and consequently the change in government, without a substantial change in the political line, with a strengthening of the two-pole system, as well as an overall trend towards increasing conservatism.
In the elections the justified popular discontent with the SYRIZA government was recorded, which in the previous years implemented the anti-people political line, continuing the work of the ND and PASOK governments. However it is negative that a section of the people turned to older tried and tested anti-people choices like ND. The exploitation and slandering of left socialist values by SYRIZA demobilized left radical people, impacted negatively on the labour -people's movement. 
It is positive that Golden Dawn has retreated in terms of votes and percentage and will not enter Parliament as it seems.
The percentage of the KKE was achieved in conditions of polarization, blackmail, dilemmas, disillusionment, abstention, a reduced level of demands that are cultivated not only by bourgeois political forces like ND, but also by forces that present themselves as being of the "left".
The new parliamentary group with the percentage given by the Greek people to the KKE will devote all its forces in the years to come to promote and defend the interests of the working class, popular strata of our country.
The votes of the KKE will be utilized from tomorrow morning in every workplace, neighbourhood, in the schools, in the universities to organize struggles in order to block new measures, in order to bring relief to all who suffer.
We all know that the difficulties have not ended. We all understand that the fairytale of the "post-memorandum era" and "just development" has nothing to do with the everyday life of our people. 
Tomorrow there is the scheduled Eurogroup meeting that will remind the new government of ND of its commitments and anti-people priorities.

The KKE with all its forces, inside and outside of Parliament, will fight against the new government from the standpoint of the workers'-people's needs, it will play the leading role in organizing the struggles of the working class, the popular sections of the middle strata against the full-scale assault of capital, the EU, NATO in order to pave the way for the real overthrow."