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The anti-people SYRIZA-ANEL government “sowed winds and will reap the whirlwind”

The voting on the draft law that provides for new anti-people measures was completed on the evening of the 15th of January in the full session of Parliament with a roll-call vote, as demanded by the KKE. Amongst these measures, the attack on the right to strike, the extension of electronic auctions and seizures seizures for debts to the Tax Office and the Social Security Funds, the cuts to child benefits and disability benefits etc stand out. The other element in the draft law are the privileges and new tax breaks for the business groups.

The GS of the CC of the KKE and other MPs of the party exposed the real anti-worker goals and aims served by the new law and the political line of the government as a whole and demonstrated the substantial agreement of ND with a number of anti-people measures. The MPs of the KKE stressed that with this political line the SYRIZA-ANEL government "sows winds and will reap the whirlwind."

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, addressed the Prime Minister A. Tsipras from the podium of the Parliament with the following words: "You are fooling yourselves if you think that the working class, the people will accept this situation as something done and dusted. We say to you that we will not abandon without a fight the rights won by the working class with their blood. You will constantly find us in front of you, however much mud you throw, however much slander you use, however much authoritarianism you possess, however many lackeys you pay. And we remind you, whoever laughs last, laughs loudest."

Indeed, in recent days tens of thousands of workers participated all over the the country in the strike on the 12th of January, as well as in the other mobilizations organized by the class-oriented trade unions in the previous week and on the evening of the 15th of January in order to denounce the anti-people political line of the government. The All-workers' Militant Front (PAME) calls on the workers to continue on the path of militancy, of collective struggle, to use all their strength to improve the functioning of the trade unions, to decisively change the correlation of forces inside the labour and trade union movement, to put an end to the anti-people measures and laws as a whole.

 Strike 12_01_2018-Athens

 Demonstrations 15_01_2018 Athens