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The common interest of Greek and immigrant workers is strengthening the KKE “With a powerful KKE in the struggle for our needs and our rights. Against exploitation, war, and fascism. “

This was the slogan for the rally organized by the KKE Party Organization of Attica that took place 22/6, for Greek and immigrant workers. The central speaker at the rally was Nikos Sophianos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE and Parliamentary Candidate for A' Athens for the Party.

“In the elections we have the common interest to strengthen the KKE. To strengthen the voice inside and outside of the Parliament that goes against the anti-people policies that are implemented time and time again by all of the governments. That goes against the policy of capital that causes war, exploitation, refugeeism, which are the reasons that brought you here to Greece. Against the directives of the EU and the policy of the Greek governments to entrap thousands of refugees and immigrants in our country”, noted N. Sophianos, adding: “We have proven these past years that despite the negative correlation of forces the KKE knows how to fight, to struggle not only to take back all that we lost during the years of the crisis, but for everyone to have work so that they can be guaranteed a life where their needs are met, with contemporary rights, with free time. The KKE struggles for an organization of the society and the economy where the working people will no longer be objects of exploitation, but will have the leading, determinate role in the organization of production and distribution of social wealth, so that quality of life can be increased overall for everyone. There is another path for the working class, for our people! The elections will not overthrow the rotten exploitative system. They can however, strengthen the popular movement today, putting a brake on the worst policies and paving the way for overthrow.”



Festival for Greek, Immigrant and Refugee Workers