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The downward slide of the SYRIZA government has no end – On May 9th it signed what constitutes the crowning declaration of anti-communism

On May 9 2019 heads of state of the EU, including Alexis Tsipras, in Sibiu Romania at the Informal Summit, signed the so-called European Council declaration. With this “liberals” and “social democrats”, “conservatives” and “progressives” confirmed once again the rot of the “founding values” of the EU of the monopolies. What's more, the declaration signed on the 74th anniversary of the Great Anti-fascist Victory of the Peoples is yet another monument to anti-communism. From the very first line, it reveals how hypocritical the concern of governments like SYRIZA are for the “rise of the far-right”. “Justifying” all the anti-communist narrative that feeds fascism, it writes: “Thirty years ago, millions of people fought for their freedom and for unity and demolished the Iron Curtain”!


"That's who you are, the downhill has no bottom," stated KKE MP Ioannis Giokas from the Parliament podium, denouncing the EU's anti-Communist declaration and the fact that the Prime Minister signed it, adopting "all the propaganda of imperialism after World War II, the propaganda of McCarthyism against the struggle of the peoples and against the world movement and the socialist system. All the propaganda that unfolded with the far-right as its spearhead.” As he stated, the SYRIZA government put its signature on all the propaganda that sent to prisons, to exile, to execution squads, the militants of our country.

I. Giokas stressed that the Declaration was signed on the Day of the Anti-Fascist Victory of the Peoples to which no reference was made, because fascism is not an enemy of the EU; it's not only a few times that the EU has supported fascists and similar organizations in order to play different games; the enemy are the peoples, the enemy is the socialist system, the enemy are the Communist Parties, the workers - popular movement. For this reason they have attempted all these years to erase from collective memory the Day of the Anti-Fascist Victory of the People's, May 9th, and turn it into an EU Day.” He also pointed out that the signature of the “left” Greek Prime Minister appeared on this Declaration together with those of Kurz, Orban, and Merkel along with all the other far-right politicians that he is supposedly fighting against.


Commenting on the government's argument that the EU has supposedly strayed from its founding values in recent years and that this can be corrected, he referred to the fact that the founding values of the EU are anti-communism, barbarism, exploitation of the peoples and wars. “You are all on the EU's vehicle, the vehicle of the EU and of NATO”, he noted, adding that “with this Declaration the EU shows who is afraid; a 'spectre continues to haunt Europe' and we will do whatever we can to make sure that your fears become reality. You are on the side of the contemporary Holy Alliance.


At the same time, the KKE MP made clear that the KKE on May 9th celebrates the red flag with the hammer and sickle over the Reichstag, “ since Mr. Prime Minister and his government have joined the camp of anti-communism and the distortion of history, he left on the stand of Prime Minister A. Tsipra a photograph so “he can see what we celebrate on May 9th.