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Dimitris Koutsoumbas

The events in the USA are a mirror of a society in decay, of a world of competition, realignments, crises, and impasses

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, made the following statement on the events in the USA:


"The events in Washington, following the planned attack on the Capitol by far-right reactionary forces, cannot be explained by Trump's whim alone. They are a mirror of a society in decay, of a world of fierce competition, realignments of the correlation of power, crises, and impasses, the consequences of which are borne by the peoples and are now becoming more apparent even in the most powerful capitalist country in the world.


Those who came down to earth in the face of the bankruptcy of "American democracy" may have forgotten that it was the one that caused dozens of wars, destruction of countries, coups, toppling of elected governments, and the bloodshed of peoples, both under Republican and Democratic administrations. Exploitation, poverty, unemployment, repression, racism, and the chronic problems of the US people are the other side of this same coin.


That is why the "return to normalcy" is not going to tackle these impasses and huge contradictions. The peoples around the world, and of course the US people, must be vigilant in order to prevent this crisis in the United States from becoming the starting point or the trigger for a new round of sharpening US imperialist aggression."