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The group of the KKE in the European Parliament denounces EU's unhistorical and anti-communist fiestas

On the occasion of August 23, which the EU seeks to establish as a "European Day of Remembrance for the victims of Totalitarianism and Authoritarian Regimes", the predatory alliance and the Baltic states' governments are reproducing the unhistorical and dangerous equation of fascism and communism.

In detail, the announcement of the group of the KKE in the European Parliament is as follows:

"For yet another year, the unacceptable equation of communism with the monster of fascism is being attempted with provocative and unhistorical statements by Commissioners (the social democrat Vice-President of the European Commission F. Timmermans and the Commissioner for Justice V. Jourová) together with fiestas and joint announcements by Baltic governments. The EU aims to establish August 23 as "European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Totalitarianism and Authoritarian Regimes".

They are very much mistaken to believe that they can rewrite the History sealed by the Great Anti-Fascist Victory of the Peoples. They are worried because by every chance the peoples of the countries that have experienced socialism, in large-scale surveys, are nostalgic about what they have had and what they have lost, compared to the current capitalist barbarity they are experiencing. And all these despite the tonnes of mud and anti-communism, the persecutions and bans of Communist parties, the provocative distortion of History specifically targeting the youth.

But the inextinguishable and bright historical truth that socialism and the vanguard struggle of the Communists along with the peoples in the liberation struggle defeated fascism still remains.

The Soviet Union had 20 million casualties in the fight, millions were injured, the material disasters were immeasurable. The Red Army liberated many countries from the Nazi yoke and raised the red flag with the hammer and sickle at the Reichstag, while the USA, France and Britain with their large business groups played a leading role in the strengthening of Nazi Germany both before, with the Munich Agreement, as well as during World War II, in order to defeat the Soviet Union.

We denounce the escalation of anti-communism, the new reactionary laws and persecutions against the CP of Poland, the CP of Ukraine and their newspapers, the banning of communist activity in the Baltic countries, the honours enjoyed by the SS partners in these countries, the destruction of historical monuments of Antifascist Victory.

The necessity and timeliness of socialism are proved by the fact that only socialism managed to solve today's unsolved problems that torment millions of working-class families many decades ago.

The peoples have the power and if they decide it, they can overthrow the rotten capitalist system, which bears and nourishes Nazism - fascism, brings poverty, wars and refugees to the peoples, for the benefit of the profitability of big business groups. "