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The list supported by the communists comes first in teachers’ elections

The Congress of the Greek Primary Teachers’ Federation (DOE), which unites all theunions of public primary school and kindergarten teachers in Greece, was held on 26–30 June 2024.

The tens of thousands of teachers, who voted for delegates to the congress of the largest federation of public sector workers, gave first place tothe list supported by the KKE with 26.5% (up from 22% at the previous congress), leaving the list supported by the the ruling New Democracy party in second place with 21% (down from 22.6%). The various social-democratic and opportunistlists followed with smaller percentages.

It should be noted that for the first time in the history of the DOE, the communists came first in the elections for the administration of the Federation. This result, comingonly a few weeks after the European elections, in which the KKE increased its share of the vote for the fourth time in a row, reaching 9.25%, and shows that this electoral rise of the KKE is firmly rooted in the struggles of the workers and in the action of the communists within the labour, the trade union and the mass popular movement.