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The ongoing political persecution in Ukraine and Russia is unacceptable

The 88 weeks in which the “hot phase” of the imperialist conflict in the territories of Ukraine has been going on, has led to great losses of civilians and soldiers on both sides of the conflict, for the profits of the capitalists; a conflict that is being waged for the interests of the bourgeois classes of Ukraine and Russia, and in which the USA, NATO, the EU as well as China and others are involved.

The clear intention of the political leadership on both sides is to impose a complete submission of the political forces to the objectives of the bourgeoisie, in the name of “defending the homeland”. Thus, among the victims of the imperialist war are those political forces and actors who, in one way or another, opposed the bloodshed of the two peoples.

The KKE denounces the harsh political persecution that has been imposed in both countries against communists, socialists and other leftist forces who dared to question the decisions of the bourgeois governments.

Regardless of their views, we express our solidarity with Maxim Goldarb, head of the “Union of Left Forces - For a New Socialism” party in Ukraine, as well as with the Russian social-democrat writer and journalist Boris Kagarlitsky, both of whom are being persecuted by the repressive authorities of their countries on trumped-up and unacceptable charges.

We demand an end to their persecution and the lifting of all political restrictions and bans imposed in both countries since the outbreak of the imperialist war.

We do not side with the imperialists, we are on the the peoples’ side!   



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