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The people are again victims of catastrophic wildfires. KKE: Measures must be immediately taken for the protection of people's lives

The criminal policy of all governments over the years, the lack of a comprehensive firefighting planning focused on prevention, the lack of necessary firefighting equipment, as well as anti-forest legislation, have once again led to a wildfire rampage in many parts of the country.


The huge wildfires that broke out last week are still raging across the country. The members of the KKE, who are present at the areas affected by the fires, its MPs, and those elected to Regional and Municipal Councils were fighting at the fire fronts, by the people's side, who are suffering once again.


Cadres and members of the Party, who are themselves affected, called on the residents of the fire-ravaged areas, through their mass organizations and trade unions, to be at the forefront, to organize fire protection groups and to demand measures to protect the life of the people and the environment.


At the same time, in constant communications with competent ministers, governors, and mayors they demanded that all necessary measures be taken on the fire fronts in order not to endanger people, to save houses, forests and wooded areas. They expressed solidarity and demanded that no one was left alone, that immediate relief is provided to the victims, that the state provides the necessary support in order for these people to get back on their feet.


The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE visited the areas affected by the wildfires


The General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, visited areas affected by the wildfires, such as Evia, and made the following statement to the media:


“The government bears criminal responsibilities for the incalculable disaster in all the areas affected by the wildfires. Especially in Evia, people have been left helpless to struggle alone, the air and ground means are completely inadequate and very serious questions arise about the priorities of state planning, as for other minor fires, such as in Sounio, multiple forces were mobilized.


The government should take all the necessary measures, to utilize all the available means with proper planning, in order to deal with the wildfires in Evia, which are still destroying a huge area”.


The KKE demands


  • Government support for all those affected, for as long as the effects of the disasters last.


  • Full and immediate compensation of the properties, without terms and conditions.


  • The suspension of operation of factories and other workplaces located in fire-affected areas until the necessary conditions of hygiene and safety are ensured. The payment of workers' wages in damaged workplaces. No harmful changes in their work.


  • The full meeting of the needs of the Fire and Forest Service in terms of permanent staff and means.


  • The abolition of the reactionary laws that hand over land and forests to entrepreneurial activity.


  • The abolition of the Law 4662/2020 which institutionalizes the underfunding and understaffing of the Fire Brigade, the privatization of forest firefighting, and puts the Fire Brigade and all Civil Protection bodies at the service of NATO. This is what sets the  priorities that have nothing to do with the protection of human life, the people's property and the natural wealth of the country.


  • The integrated management and comprehensive protection of forests, by abolishing the unscientific segregation of prevention from forest fire extinguishment. This can  successfully lead to fire prevention and the adoption of necessary measures in a timely manner.


The KKE calls on the people to turn their anger into a vanguard stance, into fight for their rights and struggle.