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The slanders will not succeed

Statement of the International Relations Section of the KKE

In recent days, various slanders against the KKE are being circulated on the internet by the Carmelo Suarez-Julio Diaz group, which emerged after the split in the PCPE.

These slanders against our party irretrievably expose those who write them and those who disseminate them.

In essence, through the provocational attempt to connect the KKE to the split in the PCPE, there is an attempt to conceal the major responsibilities the Carmelo Suarez-Julio Diaz group has in terms of the ideological-political retreat, the split in their party and to transfer the responsibility to CPs that have provided their internationalist assistance for many years and have supported the activity of the PCPE, on the basis of principles and selflessness.

As we have noted in a previous statement of ours, this group attempted to negate the socialist character of the October Revolution and to diminish the role of the Marxist-Leninist worldview, while projecting Trotskyist positions.

In order to cover its major responsibilities for the disintegrating situation it formed inside the PCPE,  it attempts a diversion and resorts to absurd “analyses” about the developments in Greece and regurgitates claims that are used by the Party of the European Left (PEL) and the opportunist current in general, Trotskyist and other marginal groups that have no prestige and standing in our country, with aim of diminishing the multifaceted struggle of the KKE and its revolutionary political line that was confirmed at its recent 20th Congress.

The Carmelo Suarez-Julio Diaz group with its current opportunistic statements cancels out the positions it supported before, just a few months ago, which promoted the leading role of the KKE in the development of the class struggle in Greece and now it separates itself from the dozens of communist and workers’ parties that have supported the struggle of the KKE against the offensive of capital and the anti-people political line of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and have saluted the numerous major strikes and other struggles where the communists play the leading role.

The KKE, which has made great efforts over the last 20 years for the promotion of the exchange of information, solidarity and joint activity of the communist and workers parties, for the formation of a revolutionary strategy on the basis of the principles of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, responsibly continues in the same direction, confronting the malicious accusations and slanders.

Because there is an attempt to entangle SOLIDNET in the split of the PCPE, something that could have negative consequences for its functioning, we want to inform you of the following.

We believe that the split in the PCPE must not call into question all the gains we have achieved up to today via the International meetings, such as SOLIDNET. Of course, each party may have or may not have bilateral relations with other parties. However, the SOLIDNET project must be safeguarded.

For this reason, i.e. in order to safeguard the functioning of SOLIDNET, our party made the proposal to the Working Group of the International Meetings for the double representation of the PCPE. We know also from other instances in the past that similar situations have occurred. We can bear in mind as an example that during the course of the existence of the SOLIDNET list there was a similar issue with the CP of Azerbaijan and the 2 parties that emerged and use the title of the CP of Azerbaijan up until today are members of the SOLIDNET list.

We believe that we must also act similarly concerning the issue that has arisen with the PCPE.

International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE